The advance package is our most popular plan for many reasons.

Its automations, ease of use, robust features and capabilities make it an absolute time-saver when running your team with minimum effort and maximum results.

In this article we answer who should sign up for the advanced plan, what top features are included and how operations can be handled.

This article will present the main Communication features.

To learn about the advanced plan from an operational aspect, click HERE.

Let’s start with WHO this plan is best for:

We recommend the advanced plan to all clients with 10-25 users as we believe your experience will be optimized for daily operations.

What are the main capabilities that make the advanced plan perfect for the WHO?


  • Chat settings: For better control as an admin, we built highly advanced conversation setting options that are unique to Connecteam’s work chat app and guarantee that you stay on top of your main communication tool like never before. The settings allow you to determine key chatting and team options. For example, you determine which users can or cannot start conversations, control what groups are created, and more.

  • Group chats: Create group chats based on departments, location, and positions with the help of our smart group feature.

You can learn about chat settings by pressing here


  • Live polls: Live polls are an interactive way to gather information from the team and to get the team engaged. Start a poll to see what everyone wants for lunch, what company values they want added, their biggest concerns, the best employee nickname, and more.

  • Anonymous update: Send anonymous updates to users from the company so that it’s more official. For example, new safety policies, new hires, sales landed, and more.

You can learn more about live polls by pressing here


  • User settings: Determine what information will appear in your user directory, whether it's their personal email, phone, position, department and more.

  • User availability :Determine what users will be presented in the directory and remove the users you want from the directory (like the CEO’s personal information), making your directory as customized as possible

You can learn more about the directory settings by pressing here.


  • Registration settings: change and customize your event settings from number of tickets to the presentation of all users who are attending, and limit the registration date X amount of days prior to the event start date.

You can learn more about the events by pressing here.


  • Adjust the default settings: decide what is the passing grade of the quiz, how many times the users can retake the quiz, change the order of the questions between users, present the users grade to them and so much more!

You can learn more about the quiz by pressing here.

* Honourable mention:

  • Duplication content: On the advanced plan you can duplicate any content you wish saving you the trouble of recreating folders, forms and more!

Go to our pricing page to learn more about the advance plan by clicking HERE.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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