All dispatchers share the same pain points when it comes to creating the weekly schedule.

Once the schedule is completed and sent to all users, phone calls, chat messages or rejected shifts start streaming in, having your team on the other line requesting to change their shifts.

What if I told you users can swap shifts between themselves making sure their shifts' are always occupied with the available & qualified team members, while you sit back and relax?

In order to utilize the shift replacement capability follow these steps:

  • Access the "Job scheduler" feature located on the left of your sidebar.

  • Once entering the Schedule lobby, press on the relevant "Access schedule" tab

  • Press on the "Options" tab followed by the "Settings".

  • Enable the " Shift replacement requests" box.

  • Don't forget to press on " Save changes" once enabling this capability!

Your users can now request shift replacements from fellow users.

Let's see how users can request shift replacements.

  • Firstly, users get assigned to shifts created and sent by the relevant admin.

  • Once users open their shifts, a " Find replacement " tab will appear.

  • Once pressing on the "Find replacement " tab, a list of qualified users will appear to select from.

  • Once selecting the relevant user, that user will be notified in real-time about the shift replacement request.

  • Once accepting or rejecting the request, the user will be notified in real-time while the shift will either be swapped or remain with the relevant user.


Q: How can users follow up on their personal requests or, requests sent to them by fellow users?

A: All users have a replacement tab located at the bottom of their schedule where they can follow up on requests sent to them by fellow users or go over their personal requests.

Q: Can users request a shift replacement from fellow users already working on that same day or hours?

A: Yes, however, users that are working on that same day or hours will have a warning near their name, letting the user know not to ask from them ( As you can see in the first image above).

Q: Can a user delete a replacement request sent to a fellow user?

A: Yes, all they have to do is enter their personal replacement tab, click on the " Sent by me tab" and hit on the relevant request. Once there, press the "cancel request" tab.

*Shift replacement is available on the Advanced plan and above

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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