Home care companies have rapidly become a global necessity around the world. With an increased demand for healthcare staff, home care companies are now having to cope with new challenges to manage their day-to-day. This is where Connecteam comes into play. With hundreds of home care agencies utilizing our software, we have now compiled this list of features and capabilities that have proven to push home care companies into operational excellence.

By the end of this article you will master how to:

  • Time clock: Monitor and track your team's hours while making sure they are at the right place & time

  • Job schedule: Schedule employees quickly while ensuring employees have the most updated information in their pockets

  • Forms: Create daily checklists & reports for users to fill such as incident reports, uniform order forms, friend referrals and more.

  • Customize: Create trainings, client folders, upload policies, and more.

  • Chat: Communicate instantly with your employees, either within specific groups or one-to-one.

  • Updates: Create both operational and engaging announcements that will show your companies social wall.

Time Clock

Utilizing the time clock will allow you to track time for your employees and will ensure that you are paying them for the correct amount that they’ve worked. Connecteam offers an arsenal of tools to help you manage your employees, ranging from the ability to see their exact location when clocking in and out, to tracking the number of hours they are working at each client or facility for payroll purposes.


The first thing you will want to do is set up your Jobs. “Jobs” in Connecteam are an information layer that you track time for. From our experience, home care companies typically define their jobs as a client name or facility. By doing so, you will be able to track the number of hours spent at each client or facility and bill them accordingly.


By setting up your geofences, you can create a radius that ensures that your employees are always clocking in from the site and not anywhere else.

Job insights

Job insights will allow you to see how your resources are allocated for each specific client or facility. From here you can also generate a PDF with a breakdown of those hours that can be forwarded for billing purposes.


We know that Payroll is a pain. With Connecteam, overseeing your employee’s hours is a breeze. We have created a guide that will take you through step by step on how to prepare for payroll using Connecteam.

Job Schedule

By utilizing the schedule, you can make sure that your employees always have the most relevant information, straight in their pockets. Whether you’re directly assigning shifts to your employees or creating open shifts that they can claim, Connecteam will certainly improve your scheduling, minimize back and forth communication and save you time!

Creating a shift - When creating your shifts in the schedule, you can put 2 different information layers, Shift Title and Job.

  • Shift Title - This is an additional information layer that can be added to the shift that will help you categorize your shifts. An example could be the role (RN, LPN, CNA) or if it is a morning or evening shift.

  • Jobs - These will be the list of facilities or clients that you created within the Time Clock and will also be what your employee's clock into at the beginning and end of their shifts.

After a shift has been created and published, the relevant employees will get a push notification and will be able to access and view all details in advance. Any changes or edits that are applied to a shift will notify all relevant parties in real-time.

Availability - Probably the most important ability is to understand which of your employees are able to work at any given time. Through the mobile application, your employees can let you know if they are unable to work and include a note explaining why. The action will have a visual indication on your schedule, giving you an easy way of understanding who can be scheduled and who cannot.


Forms allow you to create digital reports and checklists for your employees to fill out. These are always available on your employee’s mobile phones and can be utilized when needed. You can create as many Forms as you want from scratch or use one of our ready-made templates. All submissions can be exported into either excel or PDF and shared with relevant stakeholders.

Below are a few examples that we’ve seen home care companies use that you can start using today:

Incident Report - Whenever an incident occurs, it’s important to capture the information as soon as possible. Connecteam allows your employees to easily record the incident, upload images if needed, sign the report and share it with the relevant stakeholders.

COVID-19 Daily checklist - Ensuring that everyone is working in a safe work environment is paramount. With the COVID-19 checklist, you can ensure that everyone provides a daily health declaration with a digital signature for compliance purposes. Daily reminders help your employees fill them out and management can receive an automatic report each morning only containing the entries where employees would not be able to work for the day.

Uniform Order Form - To get your staff into work quickly, the uniform order form can be included in the initial onboarding. Using this form employees can share their uniform specifications and orders can be quickly placed and managed in one place.

Refer a friend - This is another great form to include. As home care companies tend to see a high turnover, having a list of potential prospects is key for a successful business.

All of these templates can be found within the template section as seen in the Form video above.


Customized categories can be used to create onboardings, trainings, resource folders and much more. Think of customized categories as folders that can contain a variety of 'objects' of your choice that you'd like to create a sequence for. Objects can be a PDF file, an image, text, videos, a link, and much more.

Here are some popular examples:

Client folders - You can create specific client folders that include several forms that are specific to that client. For instance, you can create forms including their day, evening and night tasks. Emergency contact information can be attached for each client and home-specific information can be included like the floor plan and entry code.

Training - Whether it is first aid training or any other type of training, the customize feature gives you a great deal of flexibility. For instance, you can write text content for your staff to learn, include videos that they can watch, quiz your employees to make sure that the information is retained, and have them fill out a survey at the end to ensure that the training was appreciated.

Policies - Using the PDF object and library feature, you can add specific policies that you want your employees to be aware of.


Our Chat feature is the best place for your daily communications. Using the chat you can avoid receiving tons of phone calls and instead reply to your employees when needed. In addition, you can decide if you want your employees to communicate with each other or limit communication with management only. Connecteam offers two options:

One on One chats - This will allow direct communication with a specific employee.

Team chats - Will allow you to create specific team chats for your employees to communicate with one another. The team chats can be based on their actual location, the facility that they tend to work at or their role. Team chats are a proven way to keep your team engaged and motivated, not to mention connected to the bigger picture.


Updates are your main channel for making announcements. These can be sent out as a one-time announcement or you could have them repeat automatically at your preferred frequency. Not only are Updates easily created from your mobile app and your Manager Dashboard, they also provide you with actionable insights as to who has seen or reacted to it. Updates are typically split into two groups: operational or engaging. Below are two examples that are taken from our template library:

New Teammates (engaging)

Whenever a new employee joins your company, you might want to give him a warm welcome. Simply select our template and upload their picture to add a post to your app’s very own social feed.

Approve your timesheets (operational)

You can have this update repeat before it is time to conduct payroll. This kind of update would prompt the employees to go over their timesheets, make any adjustments, report their sick days, PTOs, and more. By reminding and creating a process for your employees to go over their hours, you can quickly reduce the amount of time spent on payroll and ensure that hours are always correct!

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