The Expert package is our "Cruise control" plan for many reasons.

Its automations and the robust functionalities located on this plan, have the system working for you at all times, making your dream of running a team to perfection a reality. In this article we answer who should sign up for the Expert plan, what top features are included and how operations can be handled.

Let’s start with WHO this plan is best for:

We recommend the Expert plan to all companies with 25+ users as we believe your experience will be optimized for daily operations.

What are the main capabilities that make the Expert plan perfect for the WHO?

User management :

Welcome screen: As part of Connecteam's many customization options, we wanted to give you the opportunity to welcome your new users to your app, convey the app's purpose and eventually - make your team feel at home .

The app's Welcome-Screen would be seen by users when they log into the app, after their user verification. Customize it with your own personal touch!

Feel free to upload your terms, conditions and privacy policies as well!

Pin post: As a manager, you always want to be in control of the data presented to your team and the order in which it is presented.

Pinning posts, updates and other content is key for manager control.

With a click of a button, you can determine which content will be pinned to the top of the users feed, having them viewing it constantly as the first thing they see on the app. For example, having the Covid-19 guidelines update presented at the top of the users’ feed for them to view every time they enter the app.

• Schedule content publish time - Create any type of content and have it published automatically at the right time to make your users engage with it.

Custom field settings: Inserting information to user’s profile is key for many reasons as it has an effect on placing your users in different smart groups and having their data presented on the platform.

With the custom field settings, you can have users edit specific fields saving you much time and headache doing it yourself.

For example, user’s birthday, working start date, mobile number, and more!

"Search anything" - This allows you easily use our general search to quickly and easily find anything you need in your loaded account, saving you time and effort.

To learn more about the welcome screen click here

To learn more about pin post click here

Time clock :

  • Multiple time clocks: create separate time clocks for different teams and departments, to help you run your teams ( up to 6)

  • Geofence: Geofence is an advanced capability that allows you to create a geographic "fence" around a site or an address and have it associated with a job. In other words, to clock into that job, users must be within that specific fence or the job will not appear for them to clock into. This will save the owner time and money by eliminating buddy punching and time theft, as your employees can’t clock in off-site ( With the expert plan you can create endless geofenced sites).

  • Shift attachments: Shift attachments are additional pieces of information that users are asked to add to their shift time. These could be the equipment that was used, mileage covered, who was the manager on the work-site, image and file uploads, and more( with the expert plan you can create endless shift attachments).

  • Limitations: One of Connecteam's goals is to give you the tools you need, to be in control of your team's shifts, prevent time-theft, and inefficient processes.
    For example, preventing employees who arrive early to just clock in before the shift starts. Determine what hours users can be clocked in and out, and save you and your business a ton of money!

  • Automated reports: Export your employee timesheets and attendance reports automatically at your preferred frequency. With automatic reports, you can create specific filters to acquire the information that you want and have it shared seamlessly with any user or email address you'd like!

To learn more about the Geofence click here

To learn more about shift attachments click here

To learn more about limitations click here

To learn more about automated reports click here and here

Job scheduler :

  • Multiple schedules: Create separate schedules for different teams and departments, having the relevant users in the relevant schedules ( up to 6).

  • Limitations and conflicts: As a manager, you can set specific limitations both for users and for the entire schedule with the click of a button. Whether you are a small or large company, setting schedule limitations is vital for your business to ensure the following:

  1. That users can't reject or un-claim a shift too close to the start of a shift

  2. That you are aware when users are scheduled in overtime

  3. That you are aware when users have too many shifts per day or week

Once you have the limitations set up, viewing upcoming limitation breeches or conflicts in the schedule is vital. With our conflict tab, you can view all past, present, or future conflicts, making sure you are always on top of your weekly or monthly schedule!

  • Layers: Add an additional layer to your users’ shifts, making sure you and your users have all the information they need to complete the shift to perfection. For example, what trucks are users currently on, what tool they are currently using and SO much more!

  • Shift Shortcuts: Do you ever find yourself reminding your employees to fill out their daily forms after they complete their shift? Or perhaps, go over a relevant training, fill out a survey during or after their shift? With our schedule Shortcut capability, you can now insert an internal link through the users’ shifts sending the users directly to the relevant content with a click of a button.

To learn more about limitation & conflicts click here

To learn more about shift shortcuts click here


  • Automated reports: Automated reports are Connecteam’s ‘cruise control’ - it's our way to keep you in the loop with no effort from your end. You can set up a frequency, target audience, and choose what will be included in the report so that you’re saving yourself a ton of time and effort. For example, every 1st day of the month, send me a summary report of all the safety incidents reports marked as high-risk.

  • Templates : No need to keep on creating similar Forms from scratch as with the expert plan you can create up to 9 customized Form templates saving you are your team lodes of time and effort!

To learn more about automated reports click here


Shortcuts: With our Short cut capability, you can now send internal links through the update feature sending the users directly to the relevant content with a click of a button.

Managers can use this capability both through the dashboard or on the go via the mobile app.

Recurring updates: The Repeat Update option will allow you to send out recurring updates to your employees. You can set updates to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly, making sure that they are always on top of the most important announcements.

You can learn more about shortcuts here

You can learn more about recurring updates here

Go to our pricing page to learn more about the Expert plan by clicking HERE.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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