New Time Clock customization options and a new Job Scheduling capability that will blow your mind! 🤯

New Time Clock customization options:

The new time clock customization options allow you to add and remove different functionalities in order to meet your organization's needs!

By toggling different switches on or off, you can affect the Time Clock's interface and functionality, so it's easy to use and intuitive for your users with any setup you choose.

For example:

  • Users can clock in and out in any way they find comfortable, but everything that's not happening real time will have to be approved by an admin

  • OR - Users can clock in and out only if they have a scheduled shift. They can't track work time if a shift wasn't scheduled for them by an admin

  • OR - Users can edit and add records to their timesheets with no need for an admin's approval, there's no clock in and out real-time option, absences will need to be approved by an admin

  • And there's more! 🥳

  • The Time Clock customization is available from our Advanced plan

Click here to learn more about time clock customization

Set up your payroll period and automated reminders

Easily define your payroll period, which will be adjusted accordingly and set up automated reminders for your employees to go over their timesheets and for managers to approve any pending changes that employees have requested

​​Click here to learn more about the payroll period and reminders

Attach Forms to scheduled shifts:

Our customers love the Shortcuts feature in the Updates and Chat, and now it's available in the Schedule as well!

With shortcuts, you can easily refer users to other assets in the app right from their scheduled shifts, for example:

  • Attach a checklist employees need to complete during their shifts

  • Attach a shortcut to files employees may need access for

  • Attach a shortcut to the Directory

  • Attaching shortcuts to a shift is now available from our expert plan

​​Click here to learn more about our Schedule's shortcuts

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