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Our web app version for users

We're happy to launch Connecteam's web app for users! Follow the instructions below:

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Connecteam's web app version is easy to use and very similar to its mobile version.

All users have to do to access the web app version is to follow these steps:

When you choose a feature from the left sidebar menu, the chosen asset will open up on the central part of the screen. E.g; Accessing the Forms feature will present all forms that are assigned to the user and clicking on the relevant form, you will see it open on the central part of the screen, ready to be filled out.

By clicking on the "Profile" tab, the users will be able to view their personal details, their submitted Forms, or Forms that were shared with them by fellow teammates.

The “My entries” tab will show you the list of all your entries, organized by date.

The “Shared with me” tab will present all entries that were shared with you by someone else.

Note to the administrators that are using the web app version:

As administrators, you will be able to shift between two views', the "Admin's" and the "User's" view.

To switch between the two views, click on the settings tab in the top-right corner of your screen.

When the dropdown appears, select the "User's view" tab to switch between the two.

Allowing browser's location, important note:

To access a job that has a required or optional geo-location the user must approve the browser's location. This pop-up message will only appear in the first clocking-in attempt.

Important notes!

  • Since your web app is a mirror of your mobile version, all your Connecteam's settings, including the assignments will be duplicated on both mobile and web app versions for users.


  • Since this is the beta version, the following features aren't currently available on the beta web app version:

    • Quick tasks

    • Job schedule

    • Events

    • Library

    • Suggestion box

    • Survey

* Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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