Product updates! 🎊 🎉

Our new "Courses" is now live, "Quick Tasks" new capabilities, and MORE! Including a "coming soon" feature you don't want to miss.


  1. 🧑‍🎓 "Courses"- Our new incredible feature!

  2. ⏰ New "Overdue" button & "Ongoing" view on "Quick-Tasks"

  3. 🗝️ Manager permissions on users' page

  4. 🍞 Coming soon!!!!


🧑‍🎓 Please welcome... "Courses"!!

Our team is always hard at working updating features and creating new ones. For a while, many of you have been requesting one particular feature…. we are so excited to introduce:


This new feature will allow you to create a digital version of your company’s processes and training!

  • Onboarding new employees?

  • Training for a new position in the company?

  • A new company policy?

In “Courses”, you can easily create any of the mentioned ideas and any other training need you can think of. There’s no need to gather employees in a single place or carry binders of paper, that’s an old-fashioned way of training. Simply create your courses and publish it on the app, from there, your employees can directly access it from their own smartphones.

Every course can contain many different sections and items such as forms📙 , video🎥, open text💬 and even a quiz💯 ! Crazy isn’t it?

And the best thing about it, is that as managers, you will be able to control the order of the different items and can even define that an item can be opened only when the previous one was finished or only on a specific date! Tracking employees’ progress was never easier.

** "Courses" feature is available on all of our plans. Simply activate it by clicking "Add new feature" on the left sidebar on your dashboard.

Explore "Courses" yourself!


⏰ New "Overdue" button on "Quick-Tasks"

At Connecteam we want to help you oversee all daily tasks, whether it’s your own or that of your team, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The “Overdue” tab will spot any task that has passed its due date and has not been completed.

The “Overdue” tab will offer you a few options for any of the Overdue tasks, so you don’t only view them, but can also take action.

** The "Overdue" tab is available from the Basic plan and above.

Click here to learn more

👣 And what about.. "Ongoing" tasks?

We know some tasks last more than a day. This is why we have created the “Ongoing” view which will help you to easily see how many days have left to complete a task. Small addition that will definitely ease your life! Enjoy!


🗝️ Manager permission and users' privacy

A user’s personal information can contain sensitive details that you don’t necessarily want to expose to all your admins. As an owner, you now control which personal fields are visible for your admins, and even which ones are editable.

This is a great function that will ensure your users’ privacy and can help you set your manager’s permissions appropriately. Moreover, you can hide and show relevant information without worrying that it falls in the wrong “hands”.

  • For example, hide employee payroll rate, health documents or any other personal information.

** This function is available on the Advanced plan and above. Simply open every user's page ➡️ "Manage fields" ➡️ choose the field you want to limit ➡️ "Field settings".


🍞 Coming soon - Breadcrumbs!!

Easily track your employees’ location throughout the day to make sure you know where they are and what they are doing. (Essentially breadcrumbs record an employee’s location when they clock in and updates the location information throughout the workday.

** The Breadcrumbs capability will be available on the Expert plan and above


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