Product updates!
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New features to help your day-to-day run smoothly are now available! You can "chillax", SO let's get started! 👇

The TL;DR:

  • 🤯 Mind-blowing Timesheets capabilities (lock employees' timesheets and quickly resolved timesheets conflicts)

  • 🧩 Cross schedule conflicts, ensuring a mistake-free schedule

  • 🗯 New chat capabilities

  • 🐳 Amazing new enhancements to the Updates feature

  • 🤫 Create anonymous workflows and overview your workflow submission activity

  • 🔖 New Workflows' auto reports that are better than ever!

  • 🌎 Admin Dashboard supports new languages

  • 📱 Mobile support


🤯 Time clock - Day locking feature

Having a proper payroll approval process helps ensure payroll accuracy, monitor labor costs, and offers peace of mind when conducting payroll.

With the new lock feature, admins' have the ability to lock days on the timesheets. A locked day means, that an admin with the relevant permission went over their team's hours for that day, and approved them for payroll. The locked days cannot be edited again unless first unlocked by an admin who has unlocking permissions.

** The day locking feature is available from the Advanced plan and above

​​Click here to learn how to use the day locking feature


💥 Timesheets Conflicts

We want to make your payroll process as quick and efficient as possible. That's why we released the Timesheet Conflicts capability that immediately spots an overlap in your employee's timesheets and allows you to quickly resolve it. You don’t need to spot these errors yourself anymore, the system automatically does it for you. Just click on an employee's timesheet, and you will see the Conflicts at the top.

** Timesheets conflicts are available from the Expert plan and above

​​Click here to learn more about our Timesheets conflicts


🧩 Cross schedule conflicts

We know that some of your users are assigned to more than 1 schedule, and for you, it's a headache to see their availability.

From now on, the system will easily spot that and display a conflict in one schedule, for example, if your users are assigned to a shift or are unavailable in another schedule.

No more back and forth between schedules!
No more worries about making mistakes during the dispatching process!

To sync between schedules: access your schedule--> click on options-->settings-->limitations.

** Cross schedule conflicts is available from the Expert plan and above


🗯 New Chat capabilities

How many pictures and videos do you share with your employees and friends in one chat? A lot, we’re guessing :)

From now on, all your shared media is gathered in one place. One view to see everything you have ever sent! Finding an old picture has never been easier! Just click on any chat, and find everything you need.

Also, does “I remember sending you the order details a while ago…” sound familiar? Now looking for content has never been easier! With our new search bar, all you have to do is type a word or sentence within a conversation, and you're done! You will find it in a second!


🐳 Amazing new enhancements to the Updates feature

You can now publish any update on behalf of your CEO, or any department you choose.

For example, publish a safety announcement on behalf of your safety manager or payroll updates on behalf of your finance department.

** This capability is available from the Expert plan and above


🤫 Create anonymous workflows

Giving your employees the confidence to share important and sensitive information with you without “exposing” themselves is essential!
From now on, you can enable that! Just set your workflows as “anonymous” and your users will be notified at the beginning of the workflows that their entries do not include any personal information. Simply, go to any new workflow settings and check the “set the workflow as anonymous”.

** Set a workflow as anonymous is available from the Advanced plan and above


🤳 Overview your workflow submission activity

For managers, workflows can always be enhanced. You can add a note and status, share an entry with a user, add a signature, and so on. But, who made a change and when? In our new “activity” view, you will be able to track the activity of each individual entry ensuring 100% transparency.

Having this information will enhance the communication between the users and will reduce mistakes and misunderstandings.


🔖 Workflows' auto reports

We want to help you narrow the picture and get the job done as quickly as possible!

With our workflows' auto reports, the platform is working for you and helps you review only the relevant information!

Now you can set up the report frequency for entries that were submitted within the time frame that you set up.

For example, you can generate a “hazard report” that is sent automatically to the safety manager with all the submissions that were sent between 13:30pm-16pm.

** Workflows' auto- reports are available from the Expert plan and above


🌎 Admin Dashboard supports new languages

We gave you our word and guess what? More languages are here! The Connecteam Admin dashboard now supports French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, English, Hebrew, and Greek.

To change the dashboard language, simply access your account settings by clicking on your name on the top right of your screen and choosing your preferred language.

📱 Mobile support

Contact our support team from your mobile device while you are on the train, working in the field, or just not in front of your computer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests! We are here for YOU!


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