Product updates! 🎊 🎉

New awesome capabilities for your Time Clock, all new Login Alerts, and a new name for the Workflows feature :)

Here's everything you need to know 👇

  1. 🙅‍♀️ New Time Clock limitation options

  2. ⏰ New Time Clock filters for the Today's view

  3. 🗣 Workflows are now Forms

  4. 👣 Login alerts for better control and security

  5. 🎁. A surprise!


🙅‍♀️ Time Clock limitation options

Based on your feedback, we're adding new Time Clock limitation options for those of you that use their Time Clock alongside the Schedule.

With those new features, you can now limit when users can clock in, according to their scheduled shifts:

  • Decide if users can only clock in within their scheduled shift time frame or before the shift starts

  • If you allow users to clock in before the start time of their shift, you can limit that time as well. For example, users can clock in up to 10 minutes before the shift starts

You can also automatically clock them out at the end of their scheduled shift:

  • Decide if users will be automatically clocked out at the end of their shifts or after a determined time frame. For example, if a user didn't clock out 10 minutes after their shift's end time, then clock them out automatically

These new options are super easy to set up, and provide an additional tool to keep your employee timesheets precise and mistakes free.

** The Time Clock limitation options are available on the Expert plan and above

Learn more about our time clock limitations


⏰ Time clock advanced filters

We're adding 3 useful new filters to the Time Clock's Today view, based on your feedback:

  • Users that have clocked in today

  • Users that haven't clocked in today

  • Users that are clocked in now

As always, filters do more than just filtering information. Once filtered, you can mark those users and send them a personal chat message, or start a group chat with all of them, add absences, breaks and more.

** The Time Clock filters are available on the Advanced plan and above


🗣 Workflows are now Forms!

We know you LOVE the Workflows feature because it's so useful and customizable, so we only wanted to let you know we have changed its name to Forms :)

The same old bess in a new dress!

By changing the name to Forms, we can make room for new features to arrive to Connecteam in the future, and create better logic across the Connecteam platform.


👣 Login alerts for better control and security

We're adding a new alert system to Connecteam, which will notify you if a user logged in from a different device. The new alerts will show on your overview page in the dashboard, and on the time clock's activity board.

Those login alerts can be used to:

  • Keep your account secured with better control

  • Notify you on a possible buddy punching

  • Help avoiding abuse by others

** The new Login Alerts are available on the Expert plan and above


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