One of the most important aspects of running a business is remembering when your Users requested off and if you approved it. Here at Connecteam though, we understand that you are busy running a business, and may not remember every absence you approved or declined. Don’t worry though, we give you the flexibility to find this information in a few different places.

Let's go over three ways to find an approved absence:

View Requests

You have a user who claims he requested off, but you can’t remember if you approved or declined it? No problem! This is something that can be easily checked by using the view requests button. Navigate to the Time Clock, to the Today tab, and select the View Requests button in the top right corner. Then select History in the drop-down in the top left side, and adjust the date range to include that of the requested absence. Immediately all the absences request that occurred during these dates will appear and you will be able to see if they were approved or declined.

Pro tip: If there are a lot of requests in your history, use the filter to search for a specific name, job, or any other field you want!

A Users Timesheet

As an admin or owner, you always have the ability to access your user’s timesheets which will show any absences they have taken. This is a great option if you want to track absences that are specific to only one user! To check this navigate to the Time Clock, to the timesheets tab, and click on the user to enter his timesheet. Once inside the user’s timesheet, be sure to adjust the date range to include the date of the absence.

In the example below we enter Jane’s timesheet, and can see that in November she took 1 vacation day and 1 sick day!

Absence Insights

So, do you want a summary that includes all your absences? Great! Connecteam’s Absence Insights capability gives you just that! By viewing the Absence Insights you can see a summary of all absences taken, the total absence hours, and which of those hours were paid and unpaid.

To view, the absence insights navigate to the Time Clock, enter the timesheets tab and scroll down. On the left will be the Absence Insights. By default, you are given a summary of absences in your current payroll period. If you want to see more information however you can select the View All Absences button.

Like any other capability in the time clock feature, we allow you to adjust the date range of the absence insights. This can be done after entering the View All Absences section. Connecteam also gives you the ability to export the absences insights by using the export button in the top right-hand corner. This allows you to download and share the Absence Insights with anyone you want.

Pro tip: Want a report that includes only the Absences which are vacation, sick leave, or anything else? No problem! Rather than selecting the View All Absences button, simply click on the absence type itself and a report comprised of only these absences will appear!

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