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Learn how to quickly set-up your company - 5 min. read
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This article will assist you in customizing the Time clock and Scheduler to fit your needs. After reading this article you should be able to:

  1. Set up your Time Clock: and start tracking your employees hours.

  2. Use the Job Schedule: Create your weekly/monthly schedule with ease.

Time Clock

Utilizing the time clock will allow you to track your employee’s work time and help ensure that you are paying them for the actual time they’ve worked.

Only 3 things to know to get started:

1. Jobs:

The first thing you will want to do is set up your Jobs.

“Jobs” in Connecteam are an information layer that you track time for. From our experience, Food & Beverage companies typically define their jobs based on different positions in the company, such as:

  • Server

  • Bartender

  • Chef

2. Editable Timesheets and Payroll:

Track employee hours and prepare for payroll with this simple guide.

Employee time cards are fully adjustable by the manager, with an option to add manager notes per shift, and exporting them as a PDF or a payroll-ready Excel file.

3. Manage PTO:

Easily manage Paid Time Off by reviewing the employees' requests, which they can submit from their mobile device. Click here to learn how to approve a request.

Once approved, an absence will automatically be added to the employee’s time card.

Job Scheduler

Only 2 things to know to get started:

1. How to create a shift?

When creating a shift, you can put 2 different information layers:

  • Shift job: these will be the positions you created in the Time Clock which your employee's clock in and out of.

  • Shift title: is another information layer to give users more info regarding their shift, for example, morning or evening shift etc'

2. Employee Unavailability

Easily understand which employees are unable to work at any given time. Through the mobile application, your employees can mark their unavailability. The action will generate a visual indication on your schedule to easily see who's available to work.

*This tutorial covered the basic functionalities to get you started today! For the complete Food & Beverage company set up tutorial click here

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