When it comes to the Chat we notices a few questions that often pop up, so we have decided to write the following article to help answer all your questions on the ins and outs of the chat.

The questions we will go over are in this article are:

What Happens if I Have to Let an Employee Go? Will they still have Access to the Chat?

No they will not! Our Chat is internal, so when you remove a user they automatically lose access to the Chat and are removed from all team chats and channels.

Is the Chat Secure?

Yes. Since the chat is internal, admins can monitor what information is available to user ensuring information security. Media is never saved on the user’s phone, conversations cannot be exported, and when a user is removed from a company access to the chat is lost. Additionally in the Chat Settings, admins can prevent users from sharing or forwarding messages.

Can Users or Admins Delete a Chat Message?

Yes! Both Users and Admins can delete chat messages.

To delete a message, access the Chat, enter the relevant conversation, hover over the chat message you want to delete, then press delete for everyone.

Can I See if a User Read My Message?

Yes you can!

In individuals chats two checkmarks next to a sent message means it was read.

In team chats click on the drop down menu and select message status. You will be presented with a list of who read and did not read your message.

Below you can see how this looks.

Can I Forward a Chat Message?

Yes, you can!

To forward a message on the desktop, hover over the message and click on the drop down, select forward, and choose the User, Team Chat, or Channel to forward it to.

To forward a message in the mobile app, hold down the message and the menu above will appear, select forward, and choose the User, Team Chat, or Channel to forward it to.

Can I Read or Manage What is Going on in Individual Chats Between Users?

No you can not!

For security purposes chat messages between individual users are private, and messages can not be viewed by anyone else.

I don’t want users to be able to start a chat with the company’s owner, how can I do that?

Yes! Enter the Chat settings>Private Chat Setting> Select users never start a chat conversation with Select Users, and make sure the company’s owner is set as one of these select users.

Can I manage Team Chats or Channels that I am not a part of or not an Admin of?

Yes, you can!

If you are assigned as an admin on the Chat feature then you always have ultimate control of your company's communication, and you can manage Team Chats and Channels even if you did not create them, or are not an admin of those chats.

To do this enter the Chat feature on your Launchpad, head to Manage Teams and Channels Tab, and start managing.

Is it Possible to Send Messages Anonymous in a Team Chat or Channel?

Yes! In the channel settings, you can toggle on the option to messages anonymously in this channel.

Does the Chat Integrate with Other Parts of Connecteam Platform, such a the Job Schedule or Time Clock?

Yes it does!

In almost all feature, you can select the relevant users, go to the Actions Tab and send a chat message or create a team chat from selected.

What are Chat Reactions?

Chat reactions allow user to respond or "react" to a message without having to send a replay. In the desktop hover over the message, click on the drop down, and choose your reaction. In the mobile app simply hold down the message and the reactions menu will appear. Chat reactions are great way for users to show support or excitement for one another in group chats without flooding the chat with messages.

Below is an example of how chat reactions look.

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