You've just signed in and now you can see a screen in your desktop computer...that's your Launch Pad!
The Launch Pad is your management console, the place from which you will be able to create content and share it with your groups of users.
Keep in mind that everything that you create and then assign to your groups of users will be visible in you user's phones.

Below you can observe an example of a Launch Pad:

As the owner of the Launch Pad, you can add other admins if you wish to do so. 

  1. Click the admins tab.

  2. Click add manager.

  3. Choose to promote an existent user or to create a new user.

Please note that the user will receive an email to set up a password. That email is only valid for 24 hours. The new Launch Pad admin should access the email and click join the team to set up a password.

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