Jobs can organize shifts into different projects, jobs or however you choose to categorize your shifts. Once a shift is tagged, you can receive insights for different actions performed by your employees. For example, your employees can choose a job when they clock in according to the project they're working on. 

Your time clock is equipped with default jobs. However, you can customize them and add as many jobs as you want.

If you wish to add new customized jobs, you can easily do so from your Launch Pad by following these steps:

  1. Click Time Clock in your sidebar. 

  2. Click the Settings.

  3. Once the settings window opens, click jobs.

You can add new jobs by clicking the Add job button.
To change the name of an existing job, hover over the job name and a pencil will appear. Click the pencil and customize the job.
To delete a job, please click the trashcan icon.

Don't forget to always click save changes!
You can perform these actions as many times as you want.

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