As the owner or admin of an account, you can choose to add other admins. Unlike owners, admins will not automatically have access to each feature on the platform and their permissions will need to be set and customized. In this article we will walk you through how to add an admin and set their permissions step by step.

Adding an Admin Step by Step

  1. Enter the Users tab on your left sidebar

  2. Click on the Admins tab

  3. Click Add admins.

  4. Click Promote existing user or Create new user.

After the admin is added a pop up will appear asking you to add an email and set the admins permissions which are groups and features.

Take a look at how this looks in the example below where I promote Mark Sloan to be an admin. Im able to set all his permissions from one place!

Pro tip: The Admin's email should be unique. If the email has already been used for another Connecteam account, you should use a different or new email to promote the user.

Please note that after adding an admin they will receive an email to set up a password. That email is only valid for 24 hours. The new admin should access the email and click join the team to set up a password.

Pro tip: To Learn more about admin permissions take a look at our General Settings: Admin Permissions and our Manager Permissions articles.

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