Similar to Shift templates, Weekly templates are available and will make schedule planning easier and quicker. As a manager, you can save time and stress while creating your team’s schedule, by using weekly templates. Moreover, Weekly shifts are always saved and ready to be plugged in so you don’t have to recreate the same schedule every week!

In this article we will cover the next topics:

Here is how to create weekly templates:

  1. Navigate to your job schedule.

  2. Create the weekly schedule that you wish to turn into a template.

  3. Once you have successfully created your weekly schedule, tap the "Actions" button located on the upper right of your schedule page.

  4. And select "Save week as template" and give it a meaningful name.

Screenshot of save week as template setting in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

To load a weekly template follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the relevant week.

  2. Tap the "Actions" button and select "Load week template".

  3. Choose the weekly template you wish to apply and the full week will be auto-populated on your planning board. A total time-saver!

  4. Remember that if you already have shifts during the week, the system will let you choose whether you wish to replace the current shifts or to add to the existing shifts.

GIF of loading week template in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

*Don't forget to publish the shifts by pressing the "Publish" button located on the top right menu of the scheduling page, so it will be distributed to your team.

*Week templates are available from the Advanced plan on the Operation Hub*

Pro tip: To learn how to perform bulk actions on shifts in the Job Schedule, click here.

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