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Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions
Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your answers to the most asked questions about rewards.

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Rewards was designed to serve as a tool for managers that want to incentivize and motivate their workers. It is an amazing way to show recognition and appreciation to your team in the form of tokens, which can be used to purchase gift cards. In this article we will go over the most asked question about the rewards feature!

What is the best time to use Rewards?

The rewards are the tool you need to transform how your employees work.

Award them for various work-related activities like employees who claimed challenging shifts, finished courses successfully, or submitted a form to milestones and personal events like anniversaries or birthdays. It is an engaging and exciting feature that you can customize to your needs and push your business forward in a simple and quick way.

When I try to purchase tokens for the first time I’m asked to connect support. Why is that?

When purchasing rewards for the first time the ability to purchase tokens needs to be activated from Connecteam's side. You are asked to contact support to verify you are the owner/admin on the account and to ensure that there is no suspicious or fraudulent activity. This only needs to be done once, when you first purchase tokens. Support should take care of this in just a few minutes and then you'll be all set to start using the rewards feature.

How can I see what gift card users can purchase? Can I also limit what cards users choose only certain gift cards?

Yes you can limit what vendors users can purchase gift cards from. Navigate to the rewards feature and to the card library. Here you can see a list of users vendors which your users can users can use their tokens to purchase gift cards from. You (the admin/owner) can toggle on and off the relevant gift cards. Take a look at how this looks below.

I don't want all of my Admins sending rewards and buying tokens. Is there a way to limit who can purchase or send tokens?

Yes there is. You can set Admin permissions per an admin, and decide exactly which actions they are able to take. To access the admin permissions enter the rewards feature, go to the options tab, select settings and go to the admin permissions tab. Here you can either add a new admin and set their permission, or edit the permissions of an existing admin. To learn more about this capability take a look at this article.

When purchasing tokens, what is the dollar-to-token ratio?

10 tokens equal $1, with no upper limit for how many tokens you can purchase for your managers to give out.

Why when my users purchase their gift cards is the ratio of tokens to dollars different?

The exchange value of tokens for gift cards depends on the vendor's specific agreement and can vary between shops. Vendors charge transaction fees for their gift cards when users exchange their tokens for cards. The fee will be automatically deducted from the employee’s available token balance. The transactional fee in the US is 10% for any purchased gift card and 15% for all other countries, as it includes an exchange rate fee. These fees are taken in order to pay for the various transaction fees related to providing gift cards in multiple countries. The fees paid are to our gift card provider, credit card and bank transfer fees, and exchange rate fees. It is important to note that as a company Connecteam does not profit from these fees - they are simply taken to cover the cost of providing gift cards in multiple countries. To learn about about these fees have a look at this article.

Is there a way to automate the process of purchasing tokens and sending rewards?

Yes, there is. In the rewards settings there are two options of auto rewards and auto reload.

  • Auto rewards can be sent according to the users' usage of the app to increase engagement and implementation. You can send auto rewards to users if they open the app a certain number of times or if they open the app a certain number of days in a row.

  • Auto reload ensures that you never run out of the token you need in order to send rewards. Depending on the criteria you set, when your token balance reaches a certain amount, a number of tokens will be automatically purchased and added to your account.

To learn more about the amazing auto reload and auto reward capabilities check out this article.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies in under 5 mins to ANY question.

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