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How to Use Quick Tasks on Your Desktop
How to Use Quick Tasks on Your Desktop

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At Connecteam we give you the option to use the Quick Tasks feature both from your mobile app and on the desktop web version! Everything you can do with Quick Tasks on the app can also be done in the web version. This includes viewing tasks assigned to you, completing tasks and creating tasks. Let’s go over how to do each of these below!

In this article we will go over:

How to View Tasks That are Assigned to You

  1. Log into the Desktop. If you are unsure how to log in check out this article.

  2. Navigate to the Quick Tasks on your left sidebar.

  3. Once inside you will see all the tasks assigned to you.

If you select task created by me task you can also see all the tasks you have created.

In addition to viewing the tasks as they are, you also have the option to change the viewing option. By selecting the eye icon you can choose to view the tasks by date or as a list. You can also choose to group the tasks by status label and creator.

Pro tip: If you have any overdue tasks you can click on the red exclamation mark and see all your tasks that are past their due date. Take a look at how this looks below.

How to Complete a Task

To complete a task, simply click on the task and select Mark as Done. Take a look at how this looks below.

How to Comment on a Task

If you want to leave a comment on a task for your Admin or Owner to read, you can! Simply enter the existing task, select the comment tab, and write a comment.

How to Create a Task

To create a task for yourself, or someone else, simply select the Add a New Task, name the task, assign it to yourself or a colleague, decide if it is one task or recurring and set the due date. Then publish the task.

Please note that the option to create tasks is only available to those who's admin enabled this option. If you are unable to create a task, it is because your admin disabled this option.

Pro tip: Not ready to publish the task? Then save it as a draft instead and publish it later!

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