Quizzes are a great way to test your user's understanding of content! You can create many different kinds with a variety of question types including text-based questions and image-based questions.You can gain valuable insights from your quizzes and evaluate teamwork skills.
To create a quiz, click Quizzes in your sidebar and then click create now. Make sure you assign the Quizzes to the relevant mobile users.

Completing a Quiz is a fun experience. You can decide how may hearts (chances to answer wrong) the users have. Quizzes can be completed as many times as the employee wishes. 

Scroll down to check compliance. The status column will point you to the mobile users that still need to complete the Quiz.

Hover your mouse over the employees that have the status not started. You can select them and send them a push notification to remind them to complete the Quiz.

You can also use our filter button to select only the employees that have not started the Quiz.

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