Distributing the app to your employees

If you've created or activated your first assets, you are probably ready to distribute the app to your employees! Yay!

If you haven't added employees to your Launch Pad yet, start by clicking "Users" in your Launch Pad's side bar. Then, add users manually, import users using a CSV file or just invite them with an invitation link.

  1. Adding users manually - note that when adding users manually the "Send an invite" checkbox will default to send those users a text message invitation with a link to download the app and receive the company code.

2. Send a reminder message - if you've already added users to Launch Pad but they haven't downloaded the app you can send them a reminder to download the app. Click the "send a reminder" button accessible in the Overview page of your Launch Pad. A text message invitation with a link to your app and the company code will be sent to your users that haven't logged-in to the app yet. You can customize that message.

You can also perform the same action for specific users from the user's profile.

If you've followed these first steps, you're on the right track to increase employee engagement and business efficiency! 

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