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Can I Add Time Off in Bulk for My Employees?
Can I Add Time Off in Bulk for My Employees?
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Yes, you can! Adding time off in bulk will save you the time normally spent manually adding time off per employee. Moreover, this approach conserves your energy by ensuring precision and preventing errors, as it prevents you from missing any user or adding time off for the wrong dates.

Let's go over how to do this:

On the Time Off dashboard, choose the policy type from the dropdown list

Then Mark the box at the top of the list to select all users, or hover over each user’s line and mark the box individually. A blue actions button will appear, click on it, and choose Add time off. Insert the relevant details and click Add time off. If users are assigned to more than the one-time clock, choose which time clock to add it to.

Take a look at the whole process from beginning to end:

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*Bulk actions in time off are available from the HR Advanced Plan*

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