Our Chat is a great way to communicate with your workforce. It's easy and instant!

You just need to activate the Chat from the Launch Pad. The chat is available in the app for mobile users and admins and also in the Launch Pad for the admins. 

There are 3 types of Chat that you can use depending on your objectives:

1. New Chat: 

This one on one chat allows you to communicate with a single employee or admin. Share instant information with a mobile user or admin or clarify shifts by immediately chatting with a mobile user or admin. Both people can read and write in the chat.

2. New Team:

Team chat allows you to create groups and share relevant information with each other. All team members have the ability to see and respond messages. You can create a new team chat for certain users by choosing select users or you can use the smart groups you have already created.
When you create a new team chat, make sure you choose a name for the group.

3. New Channel

 New channel is a one way of communication to share news with your employees. If you want a channel just to share information without the ability for mobile users to comment, you should choose this option.
You can also enable the option to message anonymously on a channel. This option will allow each member including the group creator to share messages anonymously. 

The search capability will allow you find a particular Chat that you have already created from your Launch Pad or that you are part of.

You can also share an image or location with your team or with one employee from your app.
Check below how to share an image with an employee from your Launch Pad:

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