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How to Add Manager Fields to a Form

Create an approval or internal ticketing system for your company

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Forms allow your employees to fill in reports, forms, checklists, requests, and more, all from their mobile app. Gone are the days of pen and paper and picking up the phone. With Connecteam's Forms, everything is digitalized! Using the Manager Fields capability, you can add columns to approve forms with a Status field, have managers digitally sign and confirm the entries, add a manager note to the Form, or use the Person field to tag the relevant stakeholders. For any process that needs a manager's or supervisor's approval, this capability will come in handy.

In this article we will go over:

What are the Benefits of Using Manager Fields

Using manager fields is important for several reasons:

  1. Organization: Manager fields allow for clear and organized communication within a team or organization. They can help team members understand who their direct supervisor is, and who is responsible for making certain decisions after a form is submitted.

  2. Accountability: Manager fields help establish accountability within a team. By clearly designating who is responsible for certain follow-ups or decisions, it becomes easier to track progress, identify potential roadblocks, and ensure that everyone is doing their part.

  3. Efficiency: With manager fields in place, team members can quickly and easily get in touch with the appropriate person to follow up on the relevant forms. Minimizing the back saves time and prevents misunderstandings.

How to Add Managers Fields to a Form

Manager fields can be added to an existing form, or added when creating a form.

To add a manager field:

  1. Enter the relevant form

  2. Go to the form's settings

  3. On the left sidebar click on 'Manager fields'

  4. Choose from one of the existing columns or add a new one

What Types of Manager Fields Can I Add?

There are a variety of columns that can be added to a form, allowing managers to customize how they want to follow up on the submission.

Let's go over each column:

  • Status column: Create an approval system or ticketing system. You can edit the status to match your progress.

  • Notes column: Add internal notes. Your managers can leave notes regarding the entries for a specific Form.

  • Person column: Assign an entry to the relevant manager to increase accountability.

  • Date column: Keep track of the dates the managers have checked the Forms

  • Signature column: Add internal digital signing for the managers. Make sure the managers go over and sign the Forms.

  • File column: Add a relevant file to be attached to the Form.

How to Edit Columns

To edit a column's settings, click on the column to access the dropdown menu with its settings. To edit the name of a column or status label, hover over the name and click on the pencil icon.

How to Customize the "Status" Column

For every new Form, one status column will be added by default with the options “Done” and “Working on it”. In the Manager Fields setting, you can add more statuses or edit existing ones. To add more statuses, click on the Status field to open up the settings and click 'Add status'.

How to Control Who Can Edit the Manager Fields

On every manager field setting, you have the ability to give specific users (admins or nonadmins) permission to edit the relevant Manager Field columns. You can also allow users' direct managers to edit columns of their employees' form entries.

How to Use the Manager Fields Columns

As an admin, you can change the status of a Form, leave a note, add a signature, and more by accessing the entries.

How to Edit or Add a Manager Field to a Submitted Form

On the Admin Dashboard:

  1. Enter the Form

  2. Click on Show Entries

  3. Scroll to the far right of the submitted forms

  4. Once you get to Manager fields section, you will be able to edit status, add notes and even sign your signature

  5. To add another manager field, click on the ➕ and add the type of field you need.

On the Mobile App:

  1. In the mobile app, click on the Admin tab

  2. Scroll down till you see Forms, select the relevant form

  3. Select the relevant date range

  4. Click on the entry's status to edit the manager fields (Alternatively, click on the entry and choose 'View entry status' to edit the manager fields)

  5. Once you filled out all the manager fields needed, close the window or click on the ✖️

How Users See the Manager Fields

Depending on your settings, your mobile users (employees) will be able to check the entry's managers fields. To notify your employees about a change in a Manager field, toggle on the option "Show this column in the users mobile app".

Mobile users will be notified of a status change as shown in the image below. To find the entries history, employees should access the Profile tab > My entries history:

Please note:

  • The Basic plan allows you to add 1 status and 1 note column.

  • The Advanced plan allows you to add one type of each Manager Field column. From this plan and up, you are also given the ability to hide manager fields from users.

  • The Expert and Enterprise plans allow you to add unlimited Manager Fields columns.

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