If you are looking to create an approval system for any type of process, you can use the status column of the Form.

The greatest advantage of the status column is that you can share the status with your employees. Thus, for any process that needs the manager's or supervisor's approval, this capability will come in handy.

Let's go over the process!

Note: Basic and Advanced plans can add up to one status column, one person column and one notes column.

How do I activate the status column?

For every new Form, one status column will be added by default with the options done and working on it. All setting will be on (indicated by a green button).

  1. To activate the status column, access your form, click options> settings>notes and status.

  2. Click the arrow to open the status settings.

Once you have accessed the status settings, you can add more statuses or disable them. By default, you will see the working on it status and the done status.

To add more statuses, click the add status button.

To edit a status, hover your mouse over the status and a pencil will appear. Click the pencil to edit the status. You can also edit the name of the column following the same process.

What type of columns can I add?

  • Person column: assign an entry to the relevant manager to increase accountability. 

  • Status column: create an approval system or ticketing system. Edit the status to match your progress.

  • Notes column: add internal notes. Only dashboard admins and managers can see the notes column.

How do I use the status column?

As an admin, you can change the status of a Form by accessing the entries.

Depending on your settings, your mobile users (employees) will be able to check the entry's status. To notify your employees about a status change, keep the mobile users can see this status in the app on.

Employees (mobile users) will be notified of a status change as shown in the image below. To find the entries history, employees should access the profile tab>entries history.

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