How to Export Form Entries?

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We've all been there - employees turning in mountains of paperwork, forms getting lost, and a huge headache figuring out who turned what in. With the Forms feature, those days are over! Forms are a great way to stay organized and in control of user submissions. Need to keep the form entries documented? No problem! We got you covered with our export capability. You can filter entries and export only what you need, keeping them documented and easy to use.

In this article we will go over:

How to Export a Unified Report

The unified report consolidates data of all published and draft forms created in the Forms feature. It shows the same information as the dashboard site does, but instead of taking a clunky screenshot, exporting the report allows you to easily analyze the data or send it to relevant stakeholders.

To export a unified report, navigate to the Forms lobby on the sidebar, and click Export.

How to Export Form Entries

The form entries report shows all information on submitted form entries for an individual form. It includes all manager fields added to the form as well.

To export a form entries report, navigate to the Forms feature on the sidebar. Access a form, and click on Show entries. Select the date range, filter the entries as you need, and click Export.

How to Export a Status Report

The status report of a form will show you the number of entries per user, submission dates, and status (if they have or haven't submitted entries).

To export a status report, navigate to the Forms feature on the sidebar. Access a form and select the date range you need. Scroll down to the bottom section where you'll see statistics of users who have submitted a form or didn't submit a form, as well as the number of entries made. Click Export to download the report.

Pro tip: Use data filters to extract the precise data you need! You can filter by user details, advanced user information, custom fields, or feature usage.

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*Forms exports are available from the Basic plan and above*

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