If you started your shift and forgot to clock in, don't worry!

You can easily add the hours to your timesheets either by adding a shift request or editing your shift hours.

This article will go over:

How to Add a Shift Request

If you forgot to clock into the job one of your two options is to add a shift request.

You can add a shift request if you remembered you forgot to clock in after the shift ended.

In order to add a shift request:

  1. Access your company's app. Click here to learn how.

  2. Enter the Time Clock feature and select your time clock

3. Click on My requests in the bottom left corner

4. Click on Add a new request at the bottom of the screen, and choose Add a shift request.

5. Here you can choose the job, start and end time of the shift, and add a note if needed. when finished, click on send for approval.

How to Edit your Shift Hours if You Clocked in Late

If you clocked in late to your shift you can edit the hours when clocking out at the end of your shift.

In order to edit your shift hours:

  1. Click on End shift on the bottom right corner of the screen, when your shift is finished.

Click on End shift again, and then Edit shift

Here, you can edit the shift hours (you can also edit the dates and add a note if needed). When finished, click on send for approval

Once your request has been approved by an admin, it'll automatically be added to your timesheets!

Pro tip: You can easily view all your requests and their status by going into My requests in the time clock. Here you can easily see if your requests have been approved, declined,- or are still pending.

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