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How to Create a Smart Group from the User's Tab

Learn how to create a Smart Group straight from the Users tab

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Smart Groups are an essential tool to organize your users and easily distribute the relevant content to the relevant people, which is key when running a business. You can easily create a new Smart Group straight from the user's tab.

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How to Create a Smart Group from the User's Tab

To create Smart Groups, simply choose specific filters and save all users who match the criteria into a group. It's important to note that once a user meets your selected criteria, they're automatically added to the Smart Group. Utilizing the filter function in the Users tab makes it easy to establish filtering criteria and generate a Smart Group with just a few clicks. Here's how:

  1. Access the Users tab on the left sidebar

  2. Click on the Filter button on the top left

  3. Now select the filters you need, and simultaneously see how your users' list will be adjusted to display only the users who fit the selected criteria

  4. Once you have made your selection of filters, click on Save as Group

    💡Tip: You can seamlessly switch between the Quick filters and the Advanced filters modal based on your preference. The one displayed above is the Advanced filters model.

  5. On the modal that will appear, you can adjust all the details of your new smart group

    1. Add a name

    2. Select the segment where the group will belong

    3. Add a group's description (optional)

  6. It's time to select what admins will have permission over this new smart group. Choose one of the following:

    1. Add all admins automatically - automatically add all current and future admins to manage this smart group

    2. Select admins manually - manually select admins to manage this smart group

  7. Once you make your selection, click Next and then Confirm

You can access the Smart Groups section from the left sidebar and search for your new smart group to confirm it was successfully created.

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