How to Create a Smart Group from the User's Tab

Learn how to create a Smart Group straight from the Users tab

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Smart Groups are a great tool to organize and structure your company and easily distribute the relevant content to the relevant people, which is key when running a business. Now, you can easily create a new Smart Group straight from the user's tab.

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To Create a Smart Group from the User's Tab, follow these steps:

Smart groups are created by creating a group and setting a rule by which the group will be filtered. All users who meet the criteria are automatically filtered into the smart group. By using the filter function in the Users tab, you can easily create the filtering criteria and thus create a smart group with just a few clicks!

Step 1: Navigate to the Users tab on the left sidebar

Step 2: Filter the users based on the filtering criteria you wish to create the Smart Group (this can be a custom field or tag)

Pro Tip: You can create multiple filtering conditions by clicking the plus button and adding another filter.

Step 3: Click on Save as group and fill out the Smart Group's name, and the segment you wish it to be under, set the group admins, and click on confirm.

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