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How to Assign Features to a Smart Group
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Smart Groups help organize your company and easily segment your employees, enabling you to distribute content to the relevant people at all times effectively. There are two ways to assign features and assets to Smart Groups, ensuring each group can access the information they need. The first way is by going into each feature and editing its assignments. You can learn more about that here. This article will focus on the second way to assign features to Smart Groups, which is directly from the Smart Groups page.

This article we'll cover:

Benefits of Assigning Features Through the Smart Group Page

As mentioned above, we offer two different ways of assigning features to Smart Groups, so it's important to understand the benefits of using the second way, which allows you to view and manage the assets and features assigned to a smart group, through the Smart Group page directly. This approach offers several advantages:

  • Overview: Provides a comprehensive overview of all your smart groups and their assignments, that is easy to navigate and adjust.

  • Group-Focused: This method is more group-focused, allowing you to view the list of all your Smart Groups and ensure that the necessary features are assigned to each one.

  • Ideal for:

    • Larger companies segment their users intensively and have numerous groups to manage. It simplifies the process of regularly reviewing and updating the features available to each group, making it easier to manage and streamline feature assignments.

    • When creating new smart groups - instead of accessing feature by feature and assigning it to the new group, you can go to the Smart Groups page and make sure all relevant content is assigned to them with a few clicks.

How to Assign Features to a Smart Group

Now let’s dive into the steps for assigning assets and features to groups through the Smart Groups page directly:  

Please note: only admins with permissions to the Smart Groups page will be able to continue with the following instructions. To provide an admin with permissions for the smart groups tab, take a look at this article.

To assign and unassign features and assets to Smart Groups from the Smart Groups page:

  1. Access the Smart Groups feature from the left sidebar.

  2. Find the specific group for which you want to assign or unassign features and assets.

  3. Navigate to the Assignments column and click on the dropdown.

  4. You will see all features listed in the same order as they appear on the left sidebar. Hover over each feature to view the assets within them.

  5. To assign or unassign a feature or asset, simply select the box next to it. A pop-up will appear, please click on Confirm.

Please consider the following details:

  • An admin can only see the features and assets they have admin permissions for and the smart groups that they manage.

  • Features and assets that are assigned to the "All users" group, will be pre-selected selected, and greyed out. If you wish to make any changes to them, please navigate to that specific feature and adjust it from the "edit assignments" modal.

  • Features and assets that are assigned to selected users only cannot be edited from here. If you wish to make any changes to them, please navigate to that specific feature and adjust it from the "edit assignments" modal.

  • Only published assets are visible on the Smart Groups page. To manage features or assets that are archived or in draft mode, please navigate directly to the specific feature.

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