The Forms feature allow your employees to fill in reports, forms, checklists, requests, and more, all from their mobile app. Gone are the days of filling out paperwork using pen and paper and storing them in the file cabinet. With Connecteam's everything is digitalized and accessible on the go.

After publishing a form though, you may need to view your employees entries. You might also want to know how may employees have or have not filled out the form, or even gain further insights on their answers. By viewing enteries and question summaries in connecteam, you can do that and more.

In this article we will go over:

Forms Overview: Tracking your employees progress

As a manager when forms are published to employees, it's important to be able to quickly view which employee have or have not submitted the form. In the forms overview page, you can scroll down, and easily see the status of each employee assigned to the form; whether they submitted or did not submit the form.

If you want to gain more specific insights, such as a list of only those who did not submit the form you can use the "Filter option." Simply filter for status is and choose did not submit. From here, you can follow up with employees that didn't submit an entry by checking the box next to their name and using the "Notify" feature, which will allow you to send them a customized notification, reminding them to fill it out

Pro Tip: You can export the status columns by clicking on the "export" button at the top right next to the list of names displayed. This will give you a detailed report of your employee's progress.

How to View Form Entries

To view form entries, click on the view entries button. Here you will be presented with all the submitted entries. Take a look at how this looks below:

To quickly download an entry, simply hover over the relevant form entry and click on the dropdown that will appear, and select download entry.

If you want a more detailed view of a user's entry you can also click on the page icon, and the entry will open to the right. Note, that you can also download the entry here as well.

How to View a Form Summary

Getting an overall summary of your employee's progress and viewing individual entries is great, but getting a detailed summary of each form field is even better. At Connecteam we know that gaining these insights can change the way your business operates and the decisions you make. Using the summary view, you can get a detailed breakdown of each and every field inside your form.

First, at the top you can set the date range. You can either set a custom range or user the range selector to choose a set range.

In the insights tab, at the tops you can see the general insights such as number of entries and percentage of forms which completed each field or left it empty.

If your form contains a field where your employees have to choose an answer, then at the bottom you can see a the response distribution of each answer with the number and percentage of selections. This can help you learn which answer options are most popular, or if there are questions that need to be made clearer.

Pro tip: Note that if your form uses conditional fields there may be some fields that employees might not have seen due to the conditions set.

Inside the summary view by clicking on the responses tab you can view the employees that completed a field and their responses. This allows admins to view only the relevant responses to a specific field in one centralized place.

Filtering Inside the Summaries View

If you want to gain more specific insights in your summary view you can use the filter option in the top right hand corner. This is useful if you want to gain insights for example into how employees from different roles, departments, branches completed a form. You can even filter for those who responded a specific answer to one of the forms answers, those who submitted on before a certain date and much more.

Take a look at where to find the filter and some of the different options below. Note that some of the feature usage filters might changed per a form based in the fields set.

How to Know if a Response Was Changed.

When handling forms, there are cases where you or another admin needs to edit a form entry. When that happens it's easy to keep track of who edited a response.

A blue dot near a response means that this field was originally left blank by the employee and the field was filled out by an admin at a later date. When hovering over the blue dot you will be able to see exactly which admin added the response and when.

An orange dot means that the employees original response was modified by one of the admins and by hovering over the dot you can see by who and the exact date and hour that it occurred.

Pro tip: If you are look at the responses tab, in a the summary view and want view a specific users entry you can easily do so by clicking on the page icon next to the response. The users form entry will open to the right.

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