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How to View Quiz Entries
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Our Quizzes feature allows you to test, evaluate, and enhance your employees' knowledge on important company matters. When creating a quiz with Connecteam, you can include both text-based and image-based questions, offering as many answer choices as needed. This ensures employees thoughtfully consider and thoroughly answer each question. As a manager, understanding how to view and analyze quiz entries is key to gathering insights into your employee's knowledge and performance.  

In this article, we'll cover:

How to Access the Quiz Entries

To access the quiz entries:

  1. Access the Quizzes feature from the left sidebar

  2. Click on the specific quiz you wish to see the entries for

  3. Then click on the Show Entries button on the top

  4. You are now in the quiz entries modal, where you can view all entries made for the quiz!

Understanding and Managing Quiz Entries


Once in the quiz entries modal, you can view all quiz entries within a selected date range. You can easily adjust the date range manually or choose from the options provided (today, last 7 days, last 14 days, or last 30 days). 

Once you set the date range, you will see how each line is a new entry, and for each, you can view the user's full name, entry number, and the following columns:

  • User Fields - by default, the only field included in this section is entries date of submission. However, you can easily add any other fields by clicking on the columns icon on the far right (below "Export") and selecting the desired fields.

  • Answers - this section displays a column for each quiz question, with a green tick for correct answers and a red cross for incorrect answers.

  • Summary - in this section, you can see:

    • The "Answers" column shows the number of questions the user answered correctly out of the total.

    • The "Score" column shows the final percentage the user received for their quiz.

    • The "Result" column shows either "Pass" or "Didn't pass".

Quick Actions

Some quick actions that can be made include seeing a breakdown of the user's answers, filtering the entries, deleting the entries, and exporting them to Excel. Let's dive into each of these options!

Answers Breakdown

You can view a breakdown of the employee entry, which includes the question, all available answers, and the user's choice. To view the breakdown of a user's answers, click on the document icon next to the user's name, you will see how a pop-up will appear on the right side with the breakdown of their entry. 

Filtering Quiz Entries

If you wish to know which users failed the quiz, or which ones got the best score, for example, you can easily find out by filtering for them. To filter quiz entries, click the Filter button in the top left corner, then choose what you want to filter for. 

Deleting Quiz Entries

You can easily delete quiz entries, whether they were made as a test, or to allow the employee to retake it if they've reached the limit of tries. To delete an individual quiz entry, hover over the entry and click on the small arrow that will appear, click on Delete entry

To delete quiz entries in bulk, select each of the entries you wish to delete, click on the Delete button that will appear at the top, and then on Delete again.

Exporting Quiz Entries to Excel

You can quickly and easily export all your entries for the selected date range to Excel. To export quiz entries to Excel, click the Export button in the top right corner.

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