Job Schedule: How to View Approved Time Off
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Connecteam's time off feature allows you to manage all things related to paid and unpaid time off with no manual calculations. It is also entirely transparent to managers and employees. As part of an all-and-one solution, the time off feature integrates with the Job Schedule, letting managers see approved time off directly on the schedule and ensuring smooth scheduling. You'll be sure never to schedule an employee on a day they are off again, and you'll always account for any employee on time off while building your schedule. In this article, we will go over exactly how you can view time off on the job scheadule.

How to View Approved Time Off on the Job schedule.

Viewing approved time off in the schedule has never been easier. Just enter the schedule on the left sidebar and select the relevant schedule. Right away any approved absences appear on the schedule. Additionally, if you want more information such as which admin approved the time off or which type it is, you can just hover over the absence itself.

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