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If you're looking for Connecteam's Webinars you've come to the right place!

In this article, we will talk all about Connecteam's webinars, what types of live webinars there are and how often they happen, and how you can register for them.

Our Recorded Webinars

Every webinar we have ever had at connecteam is recorded and can be found here.

We send out the recording to everyone who registered and upload it to our video library 24 hours after the webinar takes place.

Our Live Webinars

We offer two live webinars a month.

  • New Releases Webinar - this goes over last month's new releases and features.

  • Workplace Situations Webinar - here we discuss a topic related to the workplace and how you can manage it using different features and capabilities in connecteam. To give you a better idea some examples of the past webinars have been Keeping up with compliance, employee engagement and recognition, and effective communication.

One week before each webinar we send an invitation to register and two days before we send a reminder. You can also register in our Monthly Managize which is sent at the start of each month.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies in under 5 mins to ANY question.

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