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Enabling a HIPAA Compliant Connecteam Account
Enabling a HIPAA Compliant Connecteam Account

Learn how to set up a hippa-compliant account with Connecteam

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If you are a healthcare organization in the United States then enabling a HIPPA-compliant account is necessary. To address this critical need, we offer the option to upgrade your subscription to a HIPAA-registered account.

In this article we will go over:

What is the HIPPA Privacy Rule & Who Does It Apply To?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule is a federal regulation that governs the use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI). Its purpose is to protect the privacy and security of individuals’ health information and give patients control over their health data.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule applies to various covered entities involved in healthcare, including:

  1. Healthcare Providers: This category includes doctors, clinics, hospitals, psychologists, dentists, nursing homes, and other professionals and institutions that provide medical services.

  2. Health Plans: Health insurance companies, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), government health programs like Medicaid and Medicare, and employer-sponsored health plans fall under the category of health plans.

  3. Healthcare Clearinghouses: These entities process health information received from another entity into a standardized format, making it easier to exchange and share.

  4. Business Associates: individuals or entities that provide services to covered entities and handle PHI on their behalf. These may include billing services, consultants, and IT service providers.

Since Connecteam qualifies as a business associate you need to enable a HIPAA-Compliant Connecteam Account to comply with the Hippy Privacy Rule.

HIPAA Registration Process with Connecteam

To complete the registration follow these steps:

Step 1: Reach Out to Connecteam's Support Team

To start the process of registering you need to reach out to our support team. They are available 24/7 and can be found at the button right-hand corner of your screen. They will provide you with more detailed information and connect you to the relevant representative in Connecteam to continue the process.

Step 2: Sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

The BAA outlines the responsibilities of both parties regarding PHI and ensures its protection. Execution of the BAA is a prerequisite for getting your account to be a HIPAA-registered account with Connecteam

Step 3: Legal Review

Connecteam’s legal team reviews and approves the BAA before countersigning.

Step 4: HIPAA-registered Account Activation

This usually takes up to 48 hours from the execution of the BAA. 
 Our team will notify you once your account is set and ready to go.

*Please note that enabling this service involves additional fees*

Want to learn more about Hippa Compliance? Check Connecteam's Blog

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies to ANY question.

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