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How to switch Connecteam accounts
How to switch Connecteam accounts

Learn how to switch between different Connecteam companies that you belong to

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Once you have more than one Connecteam account or company associated with your phone number, you have the option to switch between accounts.

Switch Company From Mobile

To switch between companies on the mobile app, tap on the 'Profile' tab located at the bottom of your screen, press on 'Settings', scroll down, tap the 'Switch Company' button and from there select the relevant company you wish to log into.

Switch Company From Desktop

To switch between accounts from the desktop, first sign out by clicking on your name on the top right corner of the overview page and selecting 'Sign out'.

Then you will be directed to the login page. From there fill out your phone number, click verify, insert the code sent to you via text message and choose which company you would like to log in to.

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