Now that you have signed up for Connecteam, it's time to add your employees!

You might be wondering what's the right amount of employees to include during your trial. We suggest you add between 20 to 50 employees depending on the size of your company. While you can always add in all of your employees, we don't recommend doing so, especially for large companies. The reason is that with the implementation of any new system in the workplace you want to get it completely set up prior to Launching it with your entire company. Adding a limited amount of users, lets you customize the platform, receive feedback, and make the appropriate changes prior to a wide-scale launch.

In this article we will cover:

Who should I add?

When adding your employees your sample should contain a variety of workers, from different positions and ranks. This will ensure that you get a perspective and feedback that is representative of your company as a whole. You can add:

  • Managers: getting the managers on board will make it easier to implement software. Managers can also encourage their teams to download the app, making engagement rates higher.

  • Technical employees: these employees will be your go-to people for non-technical users. They can test features and give you important feedback to modify or add information to your app.

  • Non-technical employees: our software is very simple to use, even for the less tech-savvy people. Nevertheless, it is important to get feedback from less technical employees. Their feedback will assure you that everyone can use the app.

  • Key players/decision makers: these people will help you push the initiative, so it is important to make them part of your test group.

Pro tip: Learn How to Import users via an excel (CSV) File, click here.

How do I communicate it?

Communicating that you will test Connecteam is an important part of the journey. Make your test team feels special and committed to testing the software by creating a custom message for them. You can send it to their emails, or intranet, or add it to your board of announcements. If you have the chance, a meeting will also work wonders.
If you can offer an incentive, that will also be great!

Here's a sample invitation:

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