You've just created a company, that's great! You've completed your first step.

During these 14 days and in order to make a decision, it will be helpful to:

  • Understand Connecteam - Although we try to make the initial setup process as fast and easy as possible, we know that people can benefit from having a demo or a phone call with us. You can schedule it here.

  • Test what matters to you the most during your 14 days trial - You're here for a reason. Let's discover together which goals are important for these 14 days to create a company that will be aligned to those objectives.

  • Share Connecteam with fellow decision makers - send us an email to [email protected] and ask for short presentation that covers everything you need to know about Connecteam :). Share it with your team and fellow decision makers to show them how your company. can benefit from using our software. Besides showing them the presentation, working on the initial set up will also give your team a hint of everything they can do with Connecteam.

  •  Share Connecteam with your employees- Once you have some content in place, add your employees and get them to test your app. Their feedback is crucial! We recommend you test your app with a group of 20 to 30 employees. Choose those employees that have key positions in the company or that you know that are influencers or hold informal power roles. They can help you get everyone on board and be your app ambassadors later on. An app ambassador is the go to person for any questions regarding the app.

  • Check our plans: You can check our very convenient pricing  here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out through our live chat!

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