Towards a Scoping Session

The first step for successful implementation - drafting your 'App Map'

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The process of implementing Connecteam in your organization is comprised of four key steps, starting with the scoping session. During the  session you will draft your 'App Map', scoping the content of your future App.

What is the goal of the scoping session?

  1. To get the lead team up and running

  2. To define the goals of the future employee app.

  3. To draft the base ‘App Map’ - the basic overview of what will be in the app based on your needs goals and preferences.

Who should attend the session? 

The scoping session should include the lead team, which will guide and execute the implementation process in the organization. The exact forum may change from one organization to the next and usually includes between 3-15 people depending on the need.

To decide who should be part of the lead team, ask yourself if the following functions may prove relevant in your organization and can contribute to the App lead and structuring:

  1. Internal communication / engagement leaders

  2. Human resources

  3. Safety / security /maintenance functions 

  4. Operational functions 

  5. Administrative functions

  6. Training functions

  7. IT

  8. Regional managers (district/ site/ region)

  9. Any other supervisors / managers / inspectors or their representative.

About the session

The session usually takes between 1.5-2 hours, and is done via a web call. If possible, try to login from as little sites as possible as it usually results in better quality of discussion. The session usually includes:

  1. Short presentation to quickly review the solution  - to provide clarity for the lead team.

  2. Defining the goals of the app - as opposed to what should be in the App, what is the App aiming to achieve?

  3. Drafting your 'App Map' -  brainstorming on what should be in the App, this is done via screen share using a template that is structured based on best practices from similar companies. 

  4. Summarizing and discussing what to expect and how to prepare for the 'Training Session'

Following the session your team will have its draft 'App Map' that will serve in setting up the base for your company's App. 

Read about the next step in the implementation process - the training session.

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