Implementation Strategy 101

How to launch your App right, and ensure success and adoption

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Launching a company App the right way is important. To provide you with insight into the process, we gathered our customer's accumulated experience and translated it into a structured step-by-step process comprised of four key steps. Follow these steps and you and your organization will have a successful launch, resulting in high adoption rates. 

  1. Step 1: Towards a scoping session - understand where to start, and what's the goal of the App. Draft its core content.

  2. Step 2: Towards a training session - understand and become familiar with the management system and your App. Following this session, your App will go live and you'll be able to customize it and populate it with content.

  3. Step 3: Tips and guidelines for a small-scale launch - before going live, iterate with a small group of users to refine the App and provide your organization with the ideal experience. It will also enhance your abilities as an administrator.

  4. Step 4: Company-wide launch - prepare and launch the right way to ensure high adoption. Get the relevant parties involved and make all required preparations.

  5. What's next?  Tips and guidelines for the first-month post-launch are coming soon!

An average launch process takes only a few weeks from beginning to end and may differ depending on your organization's size and specific time constraints. Our dedicated account manager will walk you through the implementation process to provide guidance and advice. Ready for step 1? Let's get started!

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