Towards a Training Session

The second step for successful implementation; getting familiar with the product.

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The process of implementing Connecteam in your organization is comprised of four key steps, step two focuses on product introduction and training. It provides the lead team with the tools and access they need, to populate the App with relevant content and prepare it for the small scale launch, which is the next step in the implementation process.

Who should attend the session? 

The lead team should attend the training session. Sometime, the lead team includes senior people with little bandwidth, in such cases it is recommend to add additional admins to the team that can be 'hands on' with the system. Remember: after the training session the lead team will be the one to create the App and populate it with content. If you have multiple locations, it help to have admins from a variety of locations.

About the session

The session usually takes between 1.5-2 hours, and is done via a web call. If possible, try to login from as little sites as possible as it usually results in better quality of discussion.

The training is done over your team's company dashboard. At the end of the session the lead team will be granted access to the dashboard and the mobile App. Your App will be live and running and you will be able to edit it in real time and publish updates and content before you publish it to your users.

Read about the next step in the implementation process - early launch for a small scale group.

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