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How to share form entries with anyone

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Forms are a great tool for every team, providing tremendous value in terms of time-saving, standardization, information flow, compliance, and more. Our Forms feature allows your employees to fill in reports, forms, checklists, requests, and more, all from their mobile app. Better yet, with the various share options we offer, employees can notify the people that need to be in the loop with just a press of a button.

This article will discuss the different options for sharing form entries with the relevant personnel and how to set them up, as well as how it looks for the user on the mobile app.

We will go over:

How to Set Up Share Options

After you have finished creating your Form you'll want to configure your settings so that the Form entries can be shared with the correct stakeholders. To configure the sharing options, access the form, click on Options > Settings > Share options.

Connecteam GIF of form settings

At the top of the share options, you are able to choose if the receiver should receive form entries over email as a direct attachment, in the email body, or as a link to download the entry.

After you have set that up, you have three form-sharing options to choose from to ensure that the right person will always receive the form entries:

  1. Share every entry automatically with the following

  2. Entry will be shared according to the user's selection from a list

  3. Allow users to add an email address manually

Let's go through each option.

Option 1: Share Every Entry Automatically With the Following

The first option allows each form entry to be shared with any user within your account or an external email address. This is a great option to choose from to ensure that you are on top of every single entry or if you need managers to consistently be in the know. For example, an accountant of a business can be sent every form entry submitted for business reimbursements.

Connecteam Form Share Options 1

On the expert plan, you are also able to create specific filters for your form entries, meaning the entries will only be shared if the criteria are met. This is convenient for when you need the relevant stakeholders to be alerted if a certain field was or wasn't met, or when you need to receive entries from a specific department only.

Connecteam Form Share Options filter settings

Option 2: Entry Will Be Shared According to User's Selection From a List

The second option is great to choose when you might want to have the form entry shared with a specific person depending on a specific situation. For example, in a construction company, you may have several teams fill out the same incident report, but each team has a different manager who should be receiving the form. This is when option two really comes in handy.

Connecteam Form Share Options 2

This is how it will look for your users when submitting the form:

Connecteam Form Share Options view for users

When you have a form that should go to different departments, you can fill out the column on the right with different department names that each receiver listed represents. Only the text appearing in the category on the right will appear; the receiver's name won't be shown. This is helpful for directing the form to the correct department, and it is especially useful when you would like the receiver to remain anonymous. For a hotel, a lost and found report sent to a number of departments can help alert the front desk, janitorial staff, and restaurant tall at once that a customer's belongings went missing.

Connecteam Form Share Options

This is how it will look for your users when submitting the form:

Connecteam Form Share Options for Employees

Pro tip: At the bottom you can also allow your users to select multiple users and make it so they have to choose at least one user from the list, ensuring that the entry is shared at least once.

Connecteam Form Share Options Settings

Option 3: Allow users to add an email address manually

There will be times when you will want your users to share a form entry with someone, but you yourself do not know their email. An example could be an employee doing a cleaning job at a client's residence and the client would like to receive a report about what the cleaner had done throughout the day. That is when option 3 comes in handy; it allows your users to select add any email that they want, in this specific case the homeowner, ensuring that they also receive the form entry.

Connecteam Form Share Options 3

This is how it'll look for the user:

Connecteam Form Share Options for employees

How Shared Entries Will Appear

If a user was selected during the sharing process, the user will be able to view the form entry within the Connecteam app by going to profile > shared with me.

Connecteam Image of How a shared for looks

If you selected a user that has an email address listed in their user card or if you just added an email address to share the entry with, they will also receive it in their email which will look like this:

With a downloadable link

Connecteam Image of how a shared for looks in the App

With an attachment

Connecteam Image of how a Shared PDF form looks

In the email body


In this article, we went over how you can set up share options for when a user submits a form entry. We showed you each of the available options and how they look from the admin's side as well as the user's side. When introducing each, we also provided examples of how a business could use the option for their day-to-day functions. We hope this gave you some inspiration for how you can use Connecteam to increase efficiency in your workplace and to ensure the right people stay connected!

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