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The Operations Hub Expert Plan

Learn about all of our Expert Plan capabilities that are available on the Operations Hub

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If you are looking to streamline and automate your daily operations within a single platform while benefiting the most, the Operations Hub Expert Plan is the right choice.

To begin, the Operations Hub consists of the following features:

The Expert plan is our "Cruise Control" plan for many reasons. Its robust functionalities and automation capabilities will have the system working for you at all times, bringing your dream of running a team to perfection a reality.

As a rule of thumb, the expert plan includes everything on the basic and advanced plans. In this article, we will go over the extra capabilities unique to the expert plan.

Time Clock

Multiple Time Clocks: Create up to 6 separate time clocks to manage each team and department according to their work specification.

Geofence: Create unlimited Geo-fenced sites to make sure your employees clock in and out only on the job site. Essentially, you can create a geographic "fence" around a site or an address and have it associated with a job. Unless your employees are on the site - they will not get an option to clock in!

Breadcrumbs: Whether your employees are out on a patrol, delivering a package, or moving between different locations, our Breadcrumbs feature lets you always be on top of their location while they are clocked in! You can review the routes of your employees through the Map View and easily track their whereabouts throughout their workday.

Shift attachments: Add unlimited Shift Attachments to improve data collection from your employees! Shift attachments are additional pieces of information that users are asked to add to their shift time. These could be the equipment that was used, mileage covered, who was the manager on the work site, image and file uploads, and more!

Limitations: Enable the Limitations to prevent your employees from clocking in before their shift starts, according to their scheduled hours or your daily boundaries. The system will automatically clock them out according to your specifications, to prevent unauthorized overtime.

Conflicts: Using the conflict capability you can prepare for payroll by identifying and resolving any issues in the timesheets before the timesheets are approved and sent off to your payroll software. This will help you enhance efficiency and prevent delayed payroll due to unidentified conflicts.

Automated reports: Set up the Automated Timesheets and Attendance Reports to be sent straight to your email at your preferred frequency. With automatic reports, you can create specific filters to acquire the information that you want and have it shared seamlessly with any user or email address you'd like! You can set up up to 3 Automated Reports for each Time Clock.

Customized Timesheet Export Templates: If you are using a custom export for employee timesheets the ability to save it as a template and use it again is the biggest timesaver when payroll comes around.

Job Scheduler

Multiple Schedules: Create up to 6 separate schedules to manage each team and department according to their work specification.

Auto Scheduling: The auto-scheduling capability lets you sit back, while we do the heavy lifting. With just the click of a button, we will create the schedule for you while taking into consideration user qualifications, limitations, and unavailabilities.

Layers: Add Layer to your users’ shifts, making sure you and your users have all the information they need to complete the shift to perfection. For example, what trucks are users currently on, what tool they are currently using and SO much more!

Shift Shortcuts: With our schedule Shortcut capability, you can now insert an internal link through the users’ shifts sending the users directly to the relevant content with a click of a button.

Multi-Select Unlimited Shifts: We all know that changes to your schedule are frequent and happen all the time. We also know that manually editing each shift can be cumbersome and tedious. For that reason, we have created easy-to-use Multiple Shift Selection capabilities, that will allow you to edit multiple shifts at once from directly inside the schedule!

Cross-schedule Conflicts: Enable cross-schedule conflicts to avoid overlapping shifts for employees who are assigned to more than one schedule. The cross-schedule conflicts will generate a clear indication on your schedule, so you can be certain that your employee was not scheduled for another shift on a different one or unavailable on another schedule.

Limitations: As a manager, you can set specific Limitations both for users and for the entire schedule with the click of a button. This will help you manage the workload for your employees and make sure there is no unauthorized overtime throughout your shifts!

  • If you are working with Open Shifts - don't you worry! The same Limitations will prevent your employees from claiming a shift that breeches their daily/weekly limit!


Conditional Forms: Add unlimited conditional questions to a form, allowing you to customize and untie forms, creating a form that shows the user only the relevant information and fields, based on their answers.

Automated reports: Send automatic Excel spreadsheet reports of your Form entries based on your preferred frequency, and share them automatically with any email address you'd like! With the new and improved Auto-Reports, you are also able to create specific filter criteria, ensuring that you are only getting the information that is important to you!

Unlimited Manager Fields: Perfect the internal communication processes in your company by creating Manager Fields - create an approval process with the status field, digitally confirm and sign entries, use the person field to tag the relevant stakeholders, and many more!

Templates: No need to keep on creating similar Forms from scratch as with the expert plan you can create up to 9 customized Form templates saving you are your team lodes of time and effort!

Quick Tasks

Task Shortcut: With our task Shortcut capability, you can now insert an internal link into each task, which will direct your employees to the relevant content with a click of a button!

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies to ANY question.

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