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Can I Share a Form Entry with a User Who is Not an Admin in Connecteam?
Can I Share a Form Entry with a User Who is Not an Admin in Connecteam?
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Yes, you can! In the Forms settings, you have the ability to set Share Options to the form, with which you can create automatic sharing rules to ensure that the right person will always receive the form entries - as soon as they're submitted.

To share a form entry with users who are not admins on the account, you have 2 options: Share every entry automatically with pre-selected users, or allow users to share entries according to their selection from a list.

To access and enable these share options, simply access the Forms feature and click on the relevant form, click on Options > Settings > Share options tab.

The first option allows each form entry to be shared with any user within your account. This is a great option to choose from if you need specific users to consistently be in the know. For example, a logistics supervisor of a business who is not necessarily an admin can be sent every equipment-use type form entry submitted.

Connecteam Form Share Options 1

The second option is great to choose when you might want to have the form entry shared with a specific person depending on a specific situation. For example, in a construction company, you may have several teams fill out the same end-of-day report, but each team has different employees who should be receiving the form the following day when they pick up where today's team left off. This is when option two really comes in handy.

Connecteam Form Share Options 2

This is how it will look for your users when submitting the form:

Connecteam Form Share Options view for users

💡Tip: You can also allow your users to select multiple users and make it so they have to choose at least one user from the list, ensuring that the entry is shared at least once.

For more information on form share options, click here.

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