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The task-management feature includes a few super-useful capabilities that will help you find tasks easier, view the relevant task information, prioritize, and see the full picture.

Let's take a quick look:

Search - Easily type in any word from the task you're after to find it.

Filter - Determine which tasks you would like to view by specific labels, the assigned users, the task creator, specific due-dates or creation times, or a combination of those.

Sort - Customize the order of the tasks on your list according to their due date (So you will know what to work on next), their creation date, or just from A to Z.

Minimized view - If there are many tasks in your tasks list, sometimes it's helpful to hide details like the due date, number of comments, or the assigned users, to get a clearer view of what needs to be done.

Notification settings - Control which task-related notifications you would like to receive.

Swipe Actions:

Instead of going into a task's page to complete it, edit or delete - easily swipe the task left on your task list page to do either of those actions.

Quick Actions:

We made it easy for you to get information regarding the tasks on your list as quickly as possible.

"Go to done tasks" and "Go to open tasks" - This button at the bottom of the screen will quickly take you to those sections, no matter where you are on the list:

Quick information view - Directly from the task list, just click on information like the assigned users, comments, or sub-tasks to see it in detail and even take action!

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