Managing your own day-to-day tasks can be a tedious process, and then there is managing your users day to day tasks. The Quick Task feature gives you all the tools needed to manage everyone's tasks all the time; and the dashboard has viewing options, advanced filters, and so much more, to make the process of managing tasks as easy as possible.

This article will go over:

Let’s go over all the ways you can view your task below!

The Quick Task Dashboard: Groups By Task

On the Desktop there are default groups of tasks, giving you the ability to manage both your own tasks and the task you created for others.

These groups are: Tasks Created By Me, My Tasks, All Tasked, and Archived.

Note: The ability to view archived tasks are available from the Advanced Plan and above.

The Date View and the List View

These views allow you to view your task in the way that's most convenient for you. The date view will show you the tasks in order by date, and the list view will show you tasks according to your set group by view preference which we will go over below. In the examples below you can see exactly how each view looks

The Date View

The List View

The Group By Views

Thy viewing option is a great way to view tasks in order by group, based on the priority you wish to view them.

There are four group by view options View by title, View by Lable, View by Assigned to, and None. Let's go over these below.

Group by Title - this allows you to view the task according to the title you set when creating them. Take a look at how this looks below.

Group by Label - organizes the tasks according to the labels you have set. In the example below, you can my tasks are organized by the labels Kitchen, Waiters, and Manager.

Group by Assigned to - organizes the tasks in groups according to who they are assigned to. In the example below you can see I have set the group by view and group by assigned to. I can see each user name as a group with their tasks inside

Group by None - this option, doesn't group the tasks at all. All the tasks as seen together according to the list or date view set. Take a look at how this looks below.

View By Status

Another great way to view your tasks is to view them by their completion status.

In order to view tasks by status, simply click the status you wish to sort by at the top of the task list. You can sort by Tasks in Total, Open tasks, and Done tasks. Each view tells you how many tasks you have in each category.

If you select open tasks or done tasks your task view will only contain tasks with either the status open or the status done. Notice in the example below I have set the status to be done tasks and I only see tasks with the status done.

Pro tip: What to view tasks which are past due? Well, the overview task button allows you to do just that! To learn more about the overdue tasks check out this article.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering is a great tool to find a specific task based on set criteria, and can be used in all the views mentioned above.

The advanced filters are Label, Title, Status, Sub-Tasks, Due Dates, Assigned to, Created by, and Date Created.

To set your filters simply press on the Filter icon and then begin filtering.

Pro tip:Advanced filtering is available from the. Advanced Plan and above.

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