Do you have a user who is always unavailable on a specific day of the week or for certain times during the day? No problem! We give you, the admin, the ability to set reoccurring unavailability. Set it once and never forget when your users cant work.

To set up reoccurring unavailability follow these steps:

  1. Click the job scheduler feature on the left sidebar.

  2. Click Access Scheduler

  3. Click Actions Tab and Add Unavailability

  4. Set the date, and the user.

  5. Click Repeat

  6. Choose if you want it to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.

  7. Set after how many shifts the repeat should end, or the date at which it should end.

  8. Press Save Unavailability

Now that we know how to set recurring unavailability, let’s go over all the options and settings the platform gives us

Daily Reoccurring Unavailability

If you have a User who can not work certain hours every day, then using the daily setting is the option for you. Toggle off the all-day option, set the hours the user is unable to work, and select the daily option.

In the example below we have a user who is unable to work everyday from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Pro tip: You can also set the daily reoccurring unavailability to occur two days, three days, or any other option for your company’s needs.

Weekly Reoccurring Unavailability

If you have a user who is unable to work every Monday and Wednesday then you should set their unavailability to occur weekly. Set the repeat to be weekly. Select the relevant days and make sure they are displayed in blue, then save unavailability.

Pro tip: Like all the recurring unavailability settings the weekly unavailability can be completely customized, besides selecting the days you want to reoccur, you can also set the unavailability itself to reoccur every week or every two or three weeks. The options are endless

Monthly Reoccurring Unavailability

Monthly unavailability is a great option if, you have unavailability which occurs every month on a certain date. For example, this can be used if a Manager of a store has a corporate meeting on the first Monday of every month and therefore is unable to work every first Monday of the month. By setting their unavailability to occur monthly this will never get overlooked.

Monthly Reoccuring Unavailability can reoccur either on a specific day of the week during the month, such as the first Monday or second Monday, or, on a specific date of the month such as the 10th or the 15th of the month.

Options for Ending the Reoccuring Unavailability

When setting the unavailability, there are two options for ending the unavailability.

The first is ending after a certain number of repeats.

The second is to end on a date. Simply select your date and when this date arrives the recurring unavailability will end.

Note: Reoccuring Unavalibiliy can only be set by an Admin or and Owner, and not by Users.

Still, have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions and help set your app to fit your team’s needs like a glove!

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