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Plan ahead and save time by creating recurring Updates

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Updates are a great way to engage employees and interact with them. Compared to the chat, updates are a lot more visually engaging and also give actionable insights such as the ability to reach out to specific users or groups, notify those who did not view the update, and of course create recurring updates. The Recurring Update option will allow you to send out recurring updates to your employees. You can set updates to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly, making sure that they are always on top of the most important announcements.

This article will go over:

When to Use Recurring Updates

Ultimately if your company has processes which your users need to be reminded of on a regular bases then using recurring updates is an excellent solution.

Below are few instances which most company's can relate to for when recurring updates can be used.

  • Repeatedly remind your employees to prepare and go over their timesheets before the payroll period ends.

  • Remind your team to fill out the weekly or monthly report.

  • A daily health declaration, including a link to the specific form

  • A quarterly wellbeing company survey.

  • Weekly reminder to set unavailability in the schedule.

How to create a Recurring Update

  1. Follow the basic steps of creating an update.

  2. On the Publish settings screen switch to ‘Schedule Publish’.

  3. Toggle on ‘Set recurring’ and decide on the frequency - daily, weekly, or monthly and choose a date for the recurring to be ended.

How to view and manage scheduled updates

After entering the updates feature on the left side bar, click on the "scheduled" tab at the top of the updates page will provide you with a view of all future updates and their publication dates.

To remove a recurring update, simply select the update and press delete above.

While deleting an update, a pop-up will appear asking if you wish to delete the update that is about to be published or all future updates in this series.

*Recurring Updates are available on the Expert plan and above*

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