Did you ever envision going paperless but couldn't figure out how? Do you wish you could have every document related to your company's employees always at your fingertips? Connecteam’s Document feature lets your employees upload documents directly through the app. Whether it's a Federal W4 form or a new employee hire form all the documents pertaining to your entire company can be found directly in the Documents tab. No more searching file folders to find that one document you need. Everything can be found in one place!

Start using the documents feature now! Trust us, your HR department will thank you! This article will go over:

Setting Up the Documents Feature

The documents feature can be found in your left sidebar. To begin enter the documents feature, and click on create a pack. This will bring you to the Document settings, where you will begin setting up your document packs and adding documents.

What are Document Packs and How to Use them?

Document packs are groups of documents. An easy way to think of them are as folders, each one for a different set of documents. These can be assigned either to individual users or to smart groups. You can add as many document packs as you like each containing the same or different documents.

To add a new document pack, click on the Add a New Document Packet name the packet, select and add the relevant documents, assign it to the relevant users or Smart Group, and save changes.

In the example below you can see I created a document pack called HR Personnel Documents and assigned it to my All Users Smartgroup.

Now that you have created a document pack let's move on to adding documents to it. In order to add documents to the pack, you first need to create documents and add them to the document list. Let's go over how to do that below!

How to Add a Document to the Document List Step by Step:

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab, enter the settings,

  2. Select Add a Document, then add a document to the list.

  3. In the right sidebar, name the document.

  4. Then upload a blank document. This is the document that users will download fill out, and upload again.

  5. Set the individual documents settings and press Add Document.

  6. That's it your document has been added to the list of documents and can now be added to any document pack!

In the example below you can see that after adding more documents to the documents list I added found Documents to the HR personnel Document Pack

Document Settings

When creating a document, you need to set the document settings. You have four options, as seen below.

You can set the documents to be required meaning they must be uploaded, you to be visible to users in the app, or to enable users to be able to upload the document from either their mobile device or the desktop.

Pro Tip: If you unselect the visible to users in the mobile app setting, then the enable users to upload via the mobile app and user view, and the required review for uploaded documents options will automatically be disabled. Please note that if you disable this option you can still use the documents feature, but only admins and owners will be able to add documents on behalf of users.

Adding Multiple Packs and Documents

Now that you have the basics down let's take a look at how everything looks when you have created multiple document packs with multiple documents in each.

In the example below we have created three document packs named HR Personnel Files, Certifications, and Manager Training. As you can see each pack is assigned to different Smart Groups and each one contains different documents.

How Documents Look From the Admin Dashboard

When entering the documents feature admins will be presented with views to choose from based on the packs created. Building off the previous example you can see there are three document packs, HR Personnel Files, Certifications, and Waiter Training. You can easily switch between the views by clicking on the pack whose documents you want to see.

Document Statistics

Once inside the relevant view, all the users assigned to this document packet will appear. Documents that have been uploaded are indicated by a green checkmark, documents that have not been uploaded are marked by a blue + mark and those waiting for approval are in yellow and pending approval is written.

At the top of each document, you can see the document statistics. These give you a breakdown of how users have uploaded documents. When hovering over the statistic bar you can see the number of uploaded documents, pending documents, and users who ahve not uploaded a document.

Downloading and Replacing Documents

By selecting a document admins are given an option to either view, download, or replace the document. Take a look at how this looks below.

Changing the Approval Status of a Document.

Inside of an approved document, you also have the option to update the status of the document, by clicking on the 3 dots in the Approved by section. You will be given the option to Reset the status - this will remove any documents uploaded, Switch to Pending, or Switch to Rejected

Approving or Rejecting a Document

If a Document is Pending Approval then by clicking on the document the admin has the option to either Accept or Reject it.

Document History

A document's history can also be viewed by selecting the history tab inside the document itself. Here previously uploaded documents can be viewed or downloaded. This can be useful if you have documents that needed to be updated on yearly basis.

Reminding Users to Upload Documents and Uploading Documents on Behalf of Users.

As for users who have yet to upload documents by selecting the blue + button next to their name Connecteam gives you two options. You can either upload the documents on behalf of the user or remind the user to upload the document.

Document Quick Actions

Like all features in connecteam, the Document feature contains quick actions, allowing you to take fast action that makes affects all the documents.

By navigating to the documents tab and then to the correct document, you can click on the arrow button next to the document name to access the quick actions.

These actions are download all approved, reset all, and notify all users with an empty or rejected status.

Take a look at how this looks below

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