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Starting Guide to Documents

Keep track of all your employee's documents in one place.

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Did you ever envision going paperless but couldn't figure out how? Do you wish that all the documents related to your company's employees would always be at your fingertips?

Connecteam’s Document feature lets your employees upload documents directly through the app. Whether it's a Federal W-4 form or a new employee hire form all the documents pertaining to your entire company can be found directly in the Documents tab. No more searching file folders to find that one document. Easily view the status of documents, and send automatic reminders to users who are approaching their expiration date. All this can be found in one place! Start using the documents feature now! Trust us, your HR department will thank you!

Before continuing with this article, the ability to e-sign documents that are electronically protected and legally binding is currently on our roadmap, so feel free to add your vote to this feature request to push it forward!

This article will go over:

Setting Up the Documents Feature

The document feature can be found in your left sidebar. To begin, enter the feature, and click on Create a pack. This will bring you to the document settings, where you will begin setting up your document packs and adding documents.

Please note: if you are unable to see the Documents feature on the left sidebar, you can add it by clicking on the "+ Add new" option seen in the sidebar, navigating to the HR & Skills section, and then clicking on the + icon next to the Documents feature. 

What are Document Packs and How to Use them?

Document packs are groups of documents. An easy way to think of them are as folders, each one for a different set of documents. These can be assigned either to individual users or to smart groups. You can add as many document packs as you like each containing the same or different documents.

To add a new document pack, click on the Add a New Document Packet name the packet, select and add the relevant documents, assign it to the relevant users or smart group, and then save changes.

In the example below you can see I created a document pack called HR Personnel Documents and assigned it to my All Users Smart group.

Now that you have created a document pack let's add documents to it. In order to add documents to the pack, you first need to create documents and add them to the document list. Below we will go over how to do this.

💡 Tip: Currently, the pack names are only visible to admins on the dashboard. Users will see all documents in one list.

How to Add a Document to the Document List Step by Step:

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab, enter the settings,

  2. Select Add a Document, then add a document to the list.

  3. In the right sidebar, name the document.

  4. Then upload a blank document. This is the document that users will download, fill out, and upload again.

  5. Set the document’s settings and press add document.

  6. That's it! Your document has been added to the list of documents. It can now be added to any document pack.

In the example below you can see that after adding more documents to the documents list I added found Documents to the HR personnel Document Pack. Notice that at the bottom you can add new documents or add an exciting document from another pack.

Adding Multiple Document Packs

Adding more document packs can be done exactly how you did when adding the document pack and documents above. Note that each pack can be assigned to its own smart group or users, have its own admins, and can contain different documents.

Now that you have the basics down let's take a look at how everything looks when you have created multiple document packs with multiple documents in each. In the example below we have created three document packs named HR Personnel Files, Certifications, and Manager Training.

How to Export the Statuses of Documents from a Specific Documents Pack?

Checking the status of your document packs couldn't be easier. Now you can export the statuses of all the documents from a specific documents pack with one click.

Choose the pack you wish to export and click on Export.


In this article, we went over what the document feature is and how to activate it. We learned to create document packs and how to add documents to a list, as well as to different document packs. Below you can find a list of additional resources for the Documents feature. In the meantime get started adding your documents!

Additional Resources on the Documents Feature

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies in under 5 mins to ANY question.

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