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Document Settings

How to set the settings on individual documents.

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Now that you have learned what the documents feature is all about and created some documents, we will go over the different settings that can be applied to individual documents.

Where to Find the Document Settings

When creating a document, you need to set the document settings. If you did set these up originally don’t worry, they can be found by entering the Document feature, selecting settings in the top right-hand corner, navigating to a specific document, and selecting settings. Take a look at how this looks below.

What are the Settings Options

Now that you are in the settings of a specific document you are presented with 3 options, as seen below.

You can set the documents to be to be visible to users in the app, or to enable users to be able to upload the document from either their mobile device or the desktop or to require review for uploaded documents.

Tip: If you unselect the visible to users in the mobile app setting, then enable users to upload via the mobile app and user view, the required review for uploaded documents options will automatically be disabled. Please note that in this case you can still use the documents feature, but only admins and owners will be able to add documents on behalf of users.

Document Expiration Dates

If you have documents that need to be renewed at a specific time, then this option is for you! This capability allows you to set an expiry date either per a document or per an entry, as well as the frequency at which the document will expire. Take a look at how this looks below.

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