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Upcoming Launching Announcement

Before launching to your team, we want to get them excited and expecting.

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Did you just join Connecteam and need to update your employees about the new platform? A successful launch will guarantee preparation and excitement from your employees about joining Connecteam and can even lead to faster engagement with the app. Here is a step-by step guide on how to let your team updated on what is coming and what they need to know.

In this article we will go over:

What should your announcement include?

  1. The expected launch date: when will you be launching the app?

  2. "What’s in it for me” as the user: what will the employee gain from using the app?

  3. How to join: what should the employee do to join the app?

Building Your Announcement:

  1. Launch date: usually better to do it early in the week, ideally on Tuesday, to allow a full week of momentum. The launch should be early in the morning when people are most tuned to the phones to increase the login traction, set the date in advance and stick to that date.

  2. “What’s in it for me”: positioning the app as a ‘for the employee’ and not just ‘for the organization’ is an important step. Hence we strongly recommend stressing what the employee will gain by using the app.
    Popular examples may include:

    - "Your way to stay connected!"
    - "You are a click away from everything you need to know!"
    - "Wellness and benefits info"
    - "News announcements and updates"
    - An easy way to ask for vacation / A simple way to track your schedule / The best way to complete your daily checklist

  3. How to join: Make it clear and simple so the user will know what to expect:
    "We'll invite you to download the app with a text message at the morning of the launch on [Date]. Just tap the link in the text message to download the app and follow the instructions!"

How to Get Your Announcement Out to Your Company:

While this may change from one organization to the next, below are a few common practices for notifying users and getting them expected before making the launch itself:

  • Hang printed flyers in public spaces: Dining halls, bulletin boards, reception areas, cafeterias, (sometimes even restrooms!). For reference, see below an example flyer.

  • Emails - send out an email to the relevant team members that are connected by email. - For reference see below a suggested email format.

  • Mentions in printed /digital newsletters - for organizations that have digital / printed newsletters we recommend including the launch announcement in the newsletter itself.

  • Central screens - If the organization makes use of 'central screens' or digital boards, it's a great place to include the upcoming launching announcement.

  • Any other key communication channels/platforms that the org may have (Facebook groups, WhatsApp chat groups, etc.)

  • Meetings/gatherings - if there are any upcoming meetings or gatherings, it is a great opportunity to announce that the app will be launched soon and to get people notified

Here are some ideas:

1. Here's an example of a recommended flyer:

(want to use our template? click here)

2. Here's a suggested format for an email announcement:

Email subject line: We are launching our very own company app!

"Good morning team!
On Tuesday next week, we are going to launch our new company app!

We are excited to launch the new app, which will serve as our main communication and engagement channel. We'll be sharing important news, updates, pictures, videos, employee spotlights, testimonials, valuable employee resources, and so much more!

The app is easy and fun to use, you will find there all the information you need, like... [please complete based on your key content] and it will allow you to easily... [Please complete based on your specific items].

On Jan 21 will send you a text invite to download the app, just click the link in the text message, download the app, and follow the login instructions!

All the best,

James Bond

AKA 007"

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies in under 5 mins to ANY question.

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