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If you already added your employees to Connecteam either manually or by importing them but did not send them an invitation to download the app, then this article is for you. In this article, we will show you how to invite these employees to download the app and log in.

💡Tip: If have you not added your employees to the app yet and want to invite them to add themselves and add their personal information then check out this article on sending the user invite link.

Now let's begin with how to invite users you have already added to the app.

There are two places you can invite users who have already been added to the platform: the overview page and the users tab.

From the Users Tab

If you have users you have added but have yet to send them an invite to download the app and log in, you can invite them from the user's tab. If there are employees who haven't logged in a red icon with the number of employees will appear indicating that. Simply click on it, select the relevant employees, customize your message, click confirm and that's it.

From the Overview Page

You can also invite them to download the app and log in from the overview page. Simply click on select user to invite, select the relevant employees, customize your message, click confirm and that's it.

Important: You can only invite users in bulk up to 3 times. This is to avoid marking the system as a 'Spam' system. Once a user has been invited 3 times to join the platform, you will not be able to re-invite him via the platform but would rather send him the invite link directly via email/text or text message. You can also direct them to this article which shows them how to enter their App Store or Play Store to download the connecteam app and log in using their phone number.

Not what you were looking for? If you haven't added your employees and are looking to add or invite them to join the app, then check out some of these articles.

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