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4 Easy Steps To Launch Connecteam With Your Staff
4 Easy Steps To Launch Connecteam With Your Staff
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From our experience working with many companies of all industries, sizes, and locations, we fully understand the importance of that first impression and introduction of the employees to Connecteam.

It’s crucial to customize and prep the launch so the adoption will be quick and with minimum pushback (there’s always that one person though).

We’ve come up with several ideas and guidelines from past experience to make that first day go smoothly and drama-free so you can go back to work and enjoy your new app.

Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth launch:

1. Create Hype 🥳
Begin by communicating with your employees about the transition to a new app and its benefits. Explain why the app is being implemented and how it will make their day-to-day life easier.

  • Send a message to your team - Reassure staff you’re there for them if they have technical issues or questions.

Dear Team 👋🏼
We're happy to announce that we are starting to work with a brand-new company app! This app is going to make your life easier - get your shift information, clock in and out, and have a better way to streamline our company’s communication. Get ready for a life changing way to manage your workday.

If you’re worried about managing a new app, don’t worry because you’ll find short tutorials on how to use the app's features and we are also here to help with any questions or issues you may have.

We know that changes can be hard, and thank you for embracing this new tool as we do anything we can to enhance our work environment and communication.

We’ll send the link to join the app very soon, can’t wait to see you there 🙂
  • Meeting the team? - Take advantage of the meeting to explain the benefits of using Connecteam and invite questions.

2. Let’s Learn - App Tutorials On The Feed:
Know who your audience is and make sure that the tutorials in the app are suitable to them.

  • Short Updates Tutorials in the Feed - for your “to the point” employees. You achieve that by publishing our pre-made tutorial in the Updates feature. By publishing the tutorials, you are giving your employees direct information about the feature they will use from the moment they log in. It will be literally the first thing they will see.

  • Post An Onboarding Course: for your “I like to delve deeper” employees.

    ​Hidden, but not so much, in the courses feature templates, is our “Connecteam onboarding course”, where you have a full-on premade course on how to use the app. You can use it to educate your team on everything they need to use the app, all in one space.

3. Create Team Chats to Support the Launch:

  1. App Instructions and Guidelines: Create a dedicated team chat where employees can ask questions about app instructions, guidelines, or general usage tips. Assign a moderator to monitor the chat and provide timely responses.

  2. App Troubleshooting: Similarly, establish another team chat specifically for troubleshooting purposes. Employees can report any technical issues they encounter, and designated support staff can provide assistance or escalate the issue if necessary

4. Host an Event to Launch the App with a Demonstration:
Organize an event to officially launch the app, complete with a live demonstration of its features and functionalities. This allows employees to see the app in action and ask questions in real time. Provide refreshments and make the event engaging to encourage participation.

Bonus Tips!

  1. Missing Employees on Launch Day: Some of your employees might not be there on launch day. Make sure you update them separately about the new app, how to log in, and why it is important for your company. Create a different launch date for those employees to make sure they got onboard exactly as the rest of the employees did.

  2. Get Your App Champions: For you to make this work, we recommend getting influential people in the company aware and familiar with the app so they will be your “App Champions” to get employees excited and cooperative.

  3. Hi It’s Me: Ask your employees to add a photo of themselves in their app profile. This will engage employees and make the experience more personal.

  4. A Post-Launch Thank You: A week after launch, publish an update thanking your employees for their cooperation and use of their app. Let them know you care.

  5. In the main settings of the account, you can upload your company logo and compose a welcome screen for your newly uploaded employees- make the app your own!

By incorporating these options into your launch plan, you can provide comprehensive support to your employees and ensure a successful transition to using the app.

Good luck!

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